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  • Blackstar PSU 9V 500mA Power Supply is compatible with LT Pedals
    AED 107.22
    AED 134.02
  • Blackstar –Fly3 BASS is compact combo amplifier with overdrive, continuously variable mid-cut EQ, sub bass, line input and headphone/line output. Allowing you to connect to your MP3, laptop, mobile phones and many more devices. This is fun to take anywhere and play anywhere with your bass guitar, phone or tablet.
    AED 236.38
    AED 295.47
  • <br>The FLY 3 is an innovative, cutting edge 3 watt mini amp which combines two channels, tape delay and the Blackstar patented Infinite Shape Feature (ISF) to create the perfect compact and portable guitar amplifier. It's advantageously small and packs a punch with big TONE, even at the lowest volumes.<br> <br>The ISF allows you to infinitely change the sound of your FLY 3, which gives you endless possibilities on the tone of your amp. The FLY 3 also features tape delay effects, allowing you to make your amp output resonate during play.<br> <br>The FLY 3 also comes with an MP3 / LINE IN jack built in, allowing you to connect to your MP3 player, mobile phone, laptop, tablet etc. and jam along to your favourite tracks; the Emulated Output jack can also be used with headphones. Capable of being battery powered, you can take the FLY 3 with you wherever you go as a set of portable speakers.<br> <br>Series One 10 AE driven by the mighty KT-88 and an ECC83 in the preamp stage. Inspired by the now legendary S1-200 this product benefits from the extra headroom of the KT-88, resulting in dynamic modern cleans and tight high-gain overdrive. In addition the patented ISF control gives access to more distortion flexibility than any other single-ended valve amplifier on the market.
    AED 337.68
    AED 422.10
  • Whether your acoustic guitar is a parlour, dreadnought, or grand auditorium the FLY 3 Acoustic will give you more. From filling out your sound to reach more people, or angled back to act as a personal monitor, its natural sound reproduction will enhance your performance. The two switchable EQ shapes give you either a flat response or a mid-cut with some low and high boost, and the built in echo effect adds a natural ambience to make playing a pleasure. <br><br> The FLY 3 Acoustic Pack includes the FLY 3 mini amp, a FLY 103 extension cabinet and a power supply. Combined together, the FLY 3 and FLY 103 make a 6 Watt stereo amp for guitar or music playback - perfect as a set of portable speakers or for using at home as pc speakers.
    AED 443.20

  • The ID:Core Stereo 40 V2 is a 2x20W ultimate entry level guitar amplifier. Incredible tone and flexibility is accessed by a simple and intuitive control set and delivered in SUPER WIDE STEREO to give an immersive playing experience that will have you hooked on playing guitar.<br><br>ID:CORE V2 represents the culmination of more than nine years’ technical Research and Development. These amps have an intuitive control set like a traditional amp, but have the versatility of programmability.The unique controls allow you, the guitarist, to custom design your own sound.The unique and enhanced Voice control has six different channels - Clean Warm, Clean Bright, Crunch, Super Crunch, OD 1, OD 2. When used together with Blackstar's patented ISF control you can get the exact tone you're thinking of.<br><br>The effects section delivers studio quality modulation, delay and reverb effects simultaneously that you can store with your sound.Deep editing and storing of patches is simple using the Blackstar INSIDER software. Patches can be shared, uploaded and downloaded via the online community.The USB connector also allows you to record from your amp directly to your computer. An emulated output and MP3/line input complete the package. By using the unique Voice control and the patented ISF, ID:CORE Series amplifiers allow unparalleled flexibility and ease of use, enabling you to design the sound in your head and deliver it at home, in the studio or in rehearsal.<br><br>Deep editing and storing of patches is simple using the Blackstar INSIDER software.Patches can be shared, uploaded and downloaded via the online community.The USB connector also allows you to record from your amp directly to your computer; new USB 2.0 functionality makes for easier recording and reamping, plus the ability to record just the preamp out for adding your own effects and cabinet emulation in the DAW/post-processing. An emulated output, MP3/line input and inbuilt panel-accessible tuner complete the package
    AED 624.70
    AED 780.88
  • Whether you need a space-saving solution for your downsized travel board or you just need to power a small, carefully curated selection of tried-and-true staples, this little box has what you need—all while taking up less space than a candy bar.
    AED 361.20
    AED 451.50
  • Housed in a smaller enclosure than the Metal Muff and with simplified controls the Micro Metal Muff delivers the same aggressive metal drive that made its big brother famous. A wicked sound - a metallurgist's dream. The Metal Muffs from Electro-Harmonix have been called "the finest pedals ever created for heavy metal". Massive tones that sculpt the mids and add extra ‘bite’ by boosting a narrow band of high frequencies are the hallmarks of these metal monsters.
    AED 261.70
    AED 327.13
  • The Legenday and classic original POG won top awards from every major magazine on every continent for its flawless polyphonic tracking and musical flexibility. The Micro POG delivers the same perfect tracking and smooth polyphony in a simplified design. Now in a small pedalboard-friendly diecast chassis, the Micro POG delivers and will blow you away the first time you use it.
    AED 810.43
    AED 1,013.04
  • The Electro-Harmonix Nano Clone Chorus Effect Pedal is everything you love about the Small Clone in an even more compact, die-cast package. This compact battery operated Chorus pedal features a simple, effective Rate knob, with an LED function indicator. To produce the Chorus effect, the Nano Clone bends the frequency slightly from the input source and mixes this altered signal with some direct unaffected signal. The combination produces a doubling effect.The depth switch controls the amount of frequency change that occurs in the altered signal. The rate knob controls the rate of alteration between raising and lowering the frequency. The red LED indicates when the effect is switched on. The footswitch engages and disengages the Chorus effect.
    AED 177.28
    AED 221.60
  • The little brother of the Metal Muff family takes the most powerful features and packs them into a slick die-cast box. Carefully selected mid frequencies are switch-selectable, offering powerful musical scoops. Heavy Metal fire power with slag simplicity.
    AED 211.05
    AED 263.81
  • Protect your precious bass speaker cabinets with the Ampeg SVT-15E Cabinet Cover. This rugged and padded cover keeps you speaker cab free from dust and dirt while it is being stored or between gigs. No one likes moving gear in the rain, while the cover won't make it any more fun, it will keep your gear dry. You spent your hard earned money on your Ampeg speaker cab, why not protect it with a cover that's made to fit it? order your Ampeg SVT-15E Cabinet Cover today! <br>Ampeg SVT-15E Cabinet Cover Features at a Glance: <br>-Rugged nylon cover for Ampeg SVT-15E speaker cabinets <br>-Heavily-padded to keep your gear safe from bumps and dings <br>-Handle cut outs for easy transport <br>-Accessory pouch for holding cables, tuners, and more Embroidered logo
    AED 278.58
    AED 348.23
  • Blackstar - FLY Union Flag Black 3w Combo Mini Amp despite being small, it is pack with big punch tone, even at the lowest volume. The Fly 3 comes with an MP3/Line input jack built in allows you to connect and enjoy while you jam with your favorite music using your MP3 player, mobile phone, laptop, tablet etc; the emulated output jack can also be used with headphones. Take it anywhere and enjoy the FLY 3 anywhere you want to go as a set of portable speaker for it is battery operated.<br><br>Features:<br>-Infinite Shape Features(ISF)<br>-Tape Dealy Effect<br>-MP3/Line<br>-Battery Operated
    AED 270.14
    AED 337.68
  • The FS-12 is a multi-function footcontroller in a compact, low profile, durable aluminium body that allows access to all 36 patches of the ID:CORE 100 / ID:CORE 150.<br> <br>-The large, clear dot matrix display ensures easy visibility for the fully chromatic tuner and current patch details.<br> <br>-Two user-configurable function switches provide control for <br>-Modulation, Delay and Reverb effects on/off <br>-Modulation and Delay tap tempo <br>-Full Looper functionality <br>-Effects Loop on/off <br>-Super Widestereo on/off <br>-Noise Gate on/off<br> <br>The FS-12 includes an extension socket for connection to the FS-13 2-button footcontroller (included with ID:CORE 100 / ID:CORE 150) In this configuration you can add two extra, programmable switches which are configurable via the Blackstar INSIDER software.
    AED 253.26
    AED 316.58
  • Blackstar –UNITY BASS 60 is a combo amplifier for tonal flexibility. Like the Unity Bass 30, it also has three distinct preamp voicings & with a 3-band EQ that increase the bass’ punch & depth with compression & chorus effects. To add extra power of 250 watts, you can add a Unity U250ACT powered cabinet & get a eminently versatile Unity Bass U60 amp. You can enjoy enough connectivity for studio, live or for home use. <br><br>Main Feature:<br>- Three distinct preamp voicings<br>- Classic, Modern<br>- Overdrive<br><br>The U60 features built-in compression and chorus effects.
    AED 987.71
    AED 1,234.64
  • The ultimate metal distortion pedal. Three powerful EQ bands sculpt the mids and 6 controls shape the sound precisely for your groove from slithering mercury to lead belly blast furnace dross. Its unique Top Boost adds serious bite with its own control knob and footswitch so you can kick it on for searing leads.
    AED 346.12
    AED 432.65
  • The smallest member of the polyphonic POG clan provides impeccable tracking and sound. Separate level controls for dry, sub octave and octave up plus an extra Dry out and silent footswitching provide the perfect formula for this compact jewel.
    AED 768.22
    AED 960.28
  • An endless list of immortal artists have used the flange effect to create musical magic. From The Beatles to Pink Floyd to Van Halen, Metallica and the Red Hot Chili Peppers and beyond – thanks to VORTEX FLANGER, all of those sounds are instantly yours for the rocking!<br>-Classic flange and tape flange modes<br>-Intuitive yet deep control set <br>-Stereo I/O<br><br>The two modes in VORTEX FLANGER are a classic pedal flanger capable of giving you everything from suble chorus tones to classic Van Halen jet flanger swoosh, and tape mode, which gives you the psychedelic sound of the original flange tones of Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin. And it does fantastic ‘through zero’ sounds too!<br><br>VORTEX takes the great pioneers of ’60s and ’70s flange and adds a set of deep controls, allowing you to sculpt and time your flange sounds with great precision. This allows you to quickly dial through the rich history of the legendary flange pioneers, such as Hendrix and Van Halen – or sculpt your own twisted sounds!
    AED 316.58
    AED 633.15
  • Blackstar - LT DriveCompact Drive Pedal delivers amazing valve –like tone & compression for a wide variety of playing style. This small form factor is great for pedalboards rugged construction & a 9V battery powered or using 9V DC power input.<br><br> Main Features:<br>-Gain Control-is the amount of distortion that this pedal will deliver<br>-Tone Control-allows exact adjustment of the treble frequencies within the sound. <br>-True Valve-like Response- is a unique clipping circuit in the LT Pedals that is designed & tested to behave just like our successful HT pedals.
    AED 160.40
    AED 200.50
  • Blackstar - HT DistX is patented Infinite Shape Features (ISF) control that takes you from a Classic British to a Modern American & anywhere in between & the no compromise speaker emulated output that lets you get it all down to tape or disk.<br><br>Features:<br>- Genuine valve design <br>- Operates at 300V HT <br>- Cascaded valve gain stages <br>- Responds like a valve amp <br>- Unique enhanced tone controls <br>- Patented Infinite Shape Feature (ISF) <br>- Fully equipped for stage or studio <br>- Speaker emulated output <br>- High integrity buffered bypass <br>- Power supply included <br>- Silent switching Extreme gain and tone<br>- Extreme Gain<br>-Operates at 300V HT<br>-Silent Switching
    AED 590.94
    AED 738.68
  • The NYC original. Hendrix and Santana were among the first to get a piece of the Pi, and for over 40 years the Big Muff Pi has been defining the sound of rock guitar. Revered by contemporary guitarists and rock legends for its rich, creamy, violin-like sustain, from Pink Floyd to The White Stripes, everyone still wants a piece of the Pi!
    AED 371.45
    AED 464.31
  • The Big Muff Pi with Tone Wicker taps into the sonic power of the legendary Big Muff Pi, but creates new tonal possibilities at the flick of a switch -- or two. Use the Wicker switch to open up three high-frequency filters for raspy, sustaining distortion with top-end bite, or flick on the Tone switch to bypass the tone control for unabated tonal slam. Want the original Big Muff sound? Just switch off the Wicker and turn on the Tone. The ability to create your own personal Big Muff sound is what truly makes this the Wicked Wicker.
    AED 335.16
    AED 418.95
  • Don't settle for similarly-priced no-name practice amps; go for an Orange! The Orange Crush 12 captures the spirit of the good ol' Orange amps and puts it into a small yet powerful package. Single channel design for that old school styling, and would encourage beginners to learn how to play with dynamics and expression. You get a full 3-band equalizer to precisely shape your tone. Experiment with the gain and overdrive controls to get from jangly cleans to bluesy overdrive to modern metal distortion. When you don't wanna disturb your sleeping folks, the headphone out with cabinet simulation will still bring a full-bodied sound through your headphones, as if it was mic'd up.
    AED 303.91
    AED 379.89
  • The classic 1970's funk box now available in a pocket-sized case. Dynamic picking response produces super-funky wah-like tones. The Doctor Q is an envelope filter that specializes in generating percussive punchy filter sweeps for a rhythmic groove.
    AED 211.05
    AED 263.81
  • Guitarists and keyboardists know that nothing beats a Leslie rotary speaker for smooth, swirling stereo chorus. The Electro-Harmonix Lester-G pedal re-creates the classic Leslie sound in pedal form with two adjustable speeds controlled by a footswitch to move between fast and slow textures without tying up your hands. The Lester-G's drive control adds B-3 guts and grit to your sound, while a balance control, which simulates the balance between a Leslie's horn and bass speaker, helps smooth out your tone. Dynamic players will appreciate the Lester-G's onboard compressor, which helps to smooth out rhythms and leads. True stereo ins/outs and a stage-ready metal chassis make the Lester-G a great option for keyboardists and guitarists wanting to add stereo textures to live work and ear-to-ear effects to recordings.
    AED 928.62
    AED 1,160.78
  • The dual-button footswitch is housed in a sturdy metal casing with an orange LED indicator. The 1/4″ jack on the back allows you to connect any length of the cable* from the footswitch to your amp.
    AED 126.63
    AED 158.29
  • 350W RMS, Solid State Preamp, D Class Power Amp <br>Equipped with a three-band EQ and an on-board limiter, the PortaFlex PF-350 from Ampeg is a compact 350W amplifier head designed for bass guitar. Two 1/4" jacks provide dual outputs to cabinets, while an XLR line out allows you to port sound directly into a console or PA. Should you wish to loop in outboard effects via the rear-panel, the PF-350 sports 1/4" jacks for this express purpose. Additionally, an 1/8" headphone out allows you to monitor your signal privately, while an 1/8" stereo auxiliary input affords you the ability to play line-level signals through the amplifier.<br> <br>Features:<br> <br>-Selectable -15 dB input pad <br>-Gain and volume control <br>-3-band EQ with bass, midrange, and treble <br>-Selectable limiter replete with LED <br>-Effects loop <br>-Balanced XLR line output <br>-Voltage selector switch
    AED 1,198.77
    AED 1,498.46
  • Equipped with 11 Amp Models and 20 Studio Quality Effects, up to 8 effects can be used at once for unimagined tonal possibilities. The RP55 is the easiest RP product to use; just simply dial up your choice of amps and preset effects settings with no deep parameter settings. All settings come from our year's of experience with the pros. We've just made professional tone easy.The RP55 uses our AudioDNA™ DSP chip to produce effects and amps that studio-class. Add 24-bit A/D/A conversion so that no frequency response is lost between inputs and outputs. Also included is a drum machine with 30 patterns and an easy-to-use 13-LED chromatic tuner.
    AED 162.75

  • Same silky smooth violin-like sustain and creamy tone that made the legendary 1970 Big Muff Pi famous. This little brother displays its heritage proudly. Same circuitry in a compact die-cast box.
    AED 329.24
    AED 411.55
  • The Ampeg SCR-DI Bag is the ideal accessory for all bassists who want to transport their Ampeg SCR-DI Preamp well protected to their next concert session or recording studio. The thick padding protects the preamplifier from shock, while the power supply or other accessories are in the compartment provided for this purpose. In addition, the Ampeg Bag for SCR-DI offers an adjustable shoulder strap in length.
    AED 113.40
    AED 141.75
  • Exceptionally Musical Vibrato Pedal with 2 Vibrato Types, Easy Controls and Built-In TonePrint Technology<br><br>Vibrato is one of those ‘hard to grasp but oh so important’ parts of guitar playing. Just think where Yngwie Malmsteen, BB King or Stevie Ray Vaughan would be without their unique vibrato. It’s what makes us recognize a guitarist after 2 notes - vibrato is what makes playing come alive. And from a subtle warble to Leslie sounds, SHAKER VIBRATO does what it can to liven things up!<br>- 2 vibrato types<br>-Great controls, including ‘Rise-Time’ <br>- Latch-mode<br><br>SHAKER VIBRATO features 2 different types of settings: a classic true pitch vibrato and ‘latch mode’ where the effect is only active when you press and hold the switch. This allows for subtle vibrato and faux-whammy bar effects without you having to tap dance all night.<br><br>Vibrato is an effect with a wide range of applications, but it can be tough to figure out which those are if you don’t get a range of sounds, voicings and expressions that knock you off your feet - and with SHAKER VIBRATO those surprises are always musical, never unpleasant. Featuring a set of controls and giving you control over the ‘rise-time’ of the effect, SHAKER VIBRATO vibes with your playing instantly.
    AED 379.89
    AED 759.78
  • The SVT-810 Cover from Ampeg is a protective nylon cover for the SVT-810AV or SVT-810E speaker cabinet.
    AED 415.80
    AED 519.75
  • The Blackstar –LT Boost Compact Pedal is an extremely flexible pedal that can be use into a clean amp as a volume boost or to drive your amplifier into dynamic overdrive. With its patent-applied for gain circuit, you can push your guitar amp into smooth overdrive but with a maximum delivery of dynamics & tone.<br><br>Features:<br>- Bass Control <br>- Treble Control <br>- True Valve-Like Response<br>- Battery Operated <br>- Continuously variable boost <br>- Small form-factor - great for pedalboards Rugged construction<br>- Patent-Applied-For clipping circuit that matches the tone and response of our valve pedals
    AED 160.40
    AED 200.50
  • Blackstar - LT DualCompact Distortion Pedal is a 2 channel pedal that lets you move from clean to boost to overdrive. While the other channel takes you from super crunch right up to screaming lead. Thanks to the Blackstar Infinite Shape Features (ISF) circuit that gives you infinite adjustment over the characteristics of the tone control so you can play a wide variety of style because of patent-applied for clipping circuit that delivers amazing valve-like tone & compression. The unique switching operation will transform a single channel amp into a three tone machine.<br><br>Features:<br>- Dual Gain Channel <br>- Dual Level Channels <br>- True Valve-like Response <br>- Battery Operated
    AED 312.35
    AED 390.44
  • Blackstar - HT Stage 60 212 MarkII guitar amp has a power reduction features that allows further flexibility by allowing the guitarist to attenuate to 10 percent of the 60 Watts of power also making the HT Stage 60 MkII perfect for studio or home. Like other Blackstar amp, the HT Stage 60 MkII amp is selected duet of EL34s deliver 60W of glorious valve power through two high quality Celestion speakers, making for a combo that will deliver every night, even in the most testing live environment. It has two modes- British Class A & Dynamic US. Each of the two ISF equipped overdrive channels allows a further two modes
    AED 3,072.89
    AED 3,841.11
  • If you’re on the hunt for the ideal grab-and-go combo, the Silverline Standard is the perfect choice. This 20 Watt, 1 x 10” combo boasts all of the processing power, tonal options, and connectivity of its bigger brothers, but in a form factor that's ideal for musicians on the move. And don't let its compact demeanour fool you. With six preamp voicings, six Response options, and 12 studio-grade effects onboard, the Silverline Standard holds its own in any genre and on any stage.
    AED 1,117.20
    AED 1,396.50
  • A natural overdrive and clean boost for the tone conscious player to enhance the original sound of an instrument and amp while retaining their essential character. Its gain stage, treble control and signal path are optimized for bass guitar and guitarists wanting extended low frequency response. An adjustable clean blend assures an articulate, full tone while boosted power rails deliver extended headroom. EHX Founder and President, Mike Matthews, stated: “Our Soul Food put ‘Klon-like’ transparent overdrive into the hands of players at an unprecedented price point. Now we want to bring that to bass guitarists and guitar players who want more low-end definition. The Bass Soul Food delivers a wide range of overdrive and clean boost sounds, and has plenty of volume to assert your place in the mix. It will give your tone a lift in all the right places!” Selectable true or buffered bypass modes and a switchable -10dB pad for active instruments complete the package. Bass Soul Food runs on a 9V battery and ships with a EHX9.6DC-200 power supply.
    AED 363.01
    AED 453.76
  • The Electro-Harmonix Epitome multi-effects pedal marries the Micro POG (octave), Stereo Electric Mistress (flange/chorus), and Holy Grail Plus (reverb) into a single pedal. Use all three together or separately. Dedicated, straightforward controls eliminate need to scroll through tedious setting menus, giving you the stompbox simplicity you expect from ehx. You can even totally change the Epitome's overall character via the shimmer button, which re-routes the effects signal chain by swapping the Holy Grail reverb with the Electric Mistress and adds an analog delay to the POG.
    AED 1,376.05
    AED 1,720.06
  • After decades on the market, Tech 21's SansAmp GT2 is still the desert island pedal of choice for guitarists and bass players around the world. With the GT2's combination of three 3-mode voicing switches, a 2-band EQ, and a massive range of gain, you can conjure up just about any amp tone you can imagine.
    AED 612.04
    AED 765.05
  • Limited Edition of Kiko’s version of our mini Switchless Wah. Our world famous Electro-Optical circuitry and switchless design in this cool new mini-format. Simply step on pedal to engage Wah and step off to go to bypass. Equipped with our custom MQ2 Inductor and TrueTone Buffer circuit, the Mini Kiko is set for Kiko’s preferred Wah tone and sweep and decked out in Brazilian colors and graphics.
    AED 793.55
    AED 991.94
  • The new Nano Bass Big Muff is the latest EHX bass guitar, effect pedal. It delivers that huge Bass Big Muff sound in a nano-sized package. With voicing inspired by the battle-tank green, Russian Big Muff and a classic Big Muff Pi layout of Sustain, Tone and Volume controls, it provides sounds ranging from a slight but satisfying grit to an over-the-top wall of bass fuzz.
    AED 329.24
    AED 411.55
  • We took the Big Muff Pi circuit and simply shrunk it without changing its rich, creamy, violin-like sustain and sound. The Nano Big Muff Pi works and sounds identical in every way to our classic NYC Big Muff Pi. Get a piece of the pi for yourself!
    AED 278.58
    AED 348.23
  • 500W RMS, MOSFET Preamp, D Class Power Amp <br>Equipped with a three-band EQ and a variable compressor, the PortaFlex PF-500 from Ampeg is a 500W RMS amplifier head designed for bass guitar. Augmenting the EQ's functionality are Ampeg's proprietary Ultra Hi/Lo settings, as well as a five-way midrange selector, giving you different frequency choices for midrange manipulation from 220 Hz all the way up to 3 kHz. Neutrik speakON and 1/4" jacks provide dual outputs to cabinets, while a XLR line out allows you to port sound directly into a console or PA—providing you with a ground lift, a -40 dB pad, and a pre/post EQ option to boot. Should you wish to loop in outboard effects via the rear-panel, the PF-500 sports a FX knob for blending exterior processing to taste. Additionally, a 1/8" headphone out allows you to monitor your signal privately, while a 1/8" stereo auxiliary input affords you the ability to play line-level signals through the amplifier. 500W into 4 ohms or 300W into 8 ohms Dual JFET preamp On-board variable compressor Ampeg's proprietary Ultra Lo and Ultra Hi options 3-band EQ with 5-way midrange frequency control FX mix control Dedicated tuner output for uninterrupted signal flow, if preferred Footswitch jack for controlling mute and FX on/off (dual footswitch not included) SpeakON and 1/4" output jacks XLR Line Out featuring pre/post EQ, -40 dB pad, and ground lift
    AED 1,519.56
    AED 1,899.45
  • The PF-500 / PF-800 Bag from Ampeg is a protective nylon bag for the PF-500 or PF-800 bass amp head.
    AED 202.61
    AED 253.26
  • The electro-harmonix Pitch Fork polyphonic pitch shifter effects pedal brings a new realm of sound to your playing. Turn your 6-string guitar into an 18-string guitar or send single notes soaring into the stratosphere with razor-sharp precision. You can set the Pitch Fork for your desired pitch shift or use an expression pedal for continuous control of sweeps and multi-octave jumps. We love innovative products at Sweetwater, and the electro-harmonix Pitch Fork pedal delivers a rock-solid pitch shifter in a small package.
    AED 599.38
    AED 749.23
  • The DigiTech® RP360XP guitar multi-effect processor is a complete 360° guitar effects solution. It includes over 160 different effects (55 amps, 27 cabinets, 85 stompboxes) inspired by world’s best-selling pedals and iconic amps. The LCD interface makes it easy to explore and discover the perfect tone to get that desired effect. Along with the incredible selection of effects, the RP360XP has an expression pedal, 40-second looper, nearly 200 presets, USB port, configurable footswitch modes, built-in tuner; dedicated headphone jack, Sound Check™ and 60 built in drum tracks.<br> You can add up to 8 effects to each preset. The RP360XP has a USB port for transferring and loading presets from your computer. With nearly 200 onboard presets and Nexus, DigiTech’s free preset editor and librarian software, you can create, transfer, and share an unlimited number of tones. The USB port also allows you to record your guitar tracks directly to your computer. The RP360XP works with GarageBand, Pro Tools, Cubase, Ableton, and virtually every other recording software for Mac or PC.<br> The RP360XP is versatile with 3 different footswitch modes. Incorporate the RP360XP into your existing pedalboard using stompbox mode where you can assign any effect in your preset to each footswitch. If you choose to use the RP360XP by itself, easily navigate through your presets in preset mode or bank mode. Extend your control of the RP360XP with a 3-button footswitch. The 3-button footswitch can be set-up to extend the control of the onboard looper or navigate through your banks and presets.<br> The RP360XP includes a new feature exclusive to DigiTech called Sound Check. Sound Check allows you to quickly record a phrase with your guitar and set it to repeat while you dial in the perfect effects and settings. Sound Check saves you from having to continually bend over to make minor adjustments while dialing in your tone.
    AED 630.00

  • The classic chorus! Analog chorus pedal popularized by Kurt Cobain. The finest analog chorus sounds: from clear, rich and dimensional to warm pulsating warbles, can be intensified with the Depth Control. Simple tweaks generate exciting doubling effects. Chiming 12-string tone, or Leslie-like warbles.
    AED 312.35
    AED 390.44
  • The MARK FIVE: 25™, now in a 16.5 lbs., 14" wide head or 15”x14”, 24 lb. Combo, delivers 2 Channels, 6 Modes and essentially a “greatest hits” collection of our renowned Mark Series preamp circuits served up with a brash attitude packaged in two unbelievably small formats!<br><br> In this small but mighty 25-watt incarnation, the sounds and attributes that make MARK Series amps so popular on stage and in the studio are not only shrunk to their smallest possible physical size, but are also further refined and improved. The gorgeous sparkling Cleans and soaring high gain Lead sounds have made the jump successfully across output tube platforms and a new and exciting timbre of the MARK Series voice is created here in the MARK FIVE: 25’s EL84 Duet. Brighter, tighter, more shredding in the top end, a bit more forgiving in feel and exceedingly more clip-able, the MARK FIVE: 25 is right on time.
    AED 7,308.00
    AED 9,135.00
  • Whether filling arenas or your local bar, the Silverline Deluxe has the headroom you need. Thanks to 100 Watts of stage-ready power, the Deluxe will match any equally powered valve amp. But its astounding array of six voices, six Response settings, and 12 onboard effects offer endless tonal combinations those same amps can’t touch. And it’s all delivered via the Silverline Deluxe’s onboard Celestion V-Type speaker, maintaining pure, responsive guitar tone from your fingers tips to your ears.
    AED 2,017.64
    AED 2,522.05
  • This amp is designed to be a solo acoustic performer's best friend; whether you are busking on the streets or serenading the people in the bar, the Orange Crush Acoustic 30 will be there at your side (or behind you maybe) to get your voice and your instrument heard. Unlike most acoustic amps, the dedicated microphone channel has phantom power so you can also use condenser-type microphones as well. The Notch frequency control also helps you easily bust feedback when things get loud. You also have onboard digital effects like reverb and chorus to give more depth to your sound. The cabinet is already in wedge form so the sound gets focused directly to you and your audience. <br><br> Aside from the DC power adapter (included) you can also power the Crush Acoustic 30 with AA batteries so you can gig just about anywhere the opportunity pops up.
    AED 1,038.37
    AED 1,297.96
  • The Tech 21 Fly Rig 5 v2 offers a complete pedalboard’s worth of stompbox power along with extreme grab-and-go convenience. This killer multi-effects pedal is front-loaded with your choice of Plexi or Cali-style overdrive. Kick your solos into saturation with 12dB of clean boost. Benefit from all-analog amp emulation courtesy of integrated SansAmp technology. Add dimension to your playing with two flavors of reverb. You also get an analog delay with tap tempo, plus an effects loop and a chromatic tuner. The Fly Rig 5 v2 is brimming with features — it can easily take the place of your entire pedalboard.
    AED 1,097.46
    AED 1,371.82
  • Whether you’re practicing at home, captivating audiences with improvisational compositions onstage, or weaving intricate sonic tapestries in the studio, the Clone Looper Pedal has you covered. Packed into a standard MXR® housing that’s built like a tank, it’s easier to use and delivers higher fidelity signal reproduction than any other looper of its type—hands down.
    AED 525.00
    AED 656.25
  • For years, the Terror series amps have proven that the biggest sounds can come in the tiniest packages. Taking pocket-sized powerhouse concept one step further, bringingt you the Terror Stamp. Packing all of the punch of the minuscule Micro Terror and Micro Dark amps into an even smaller pedal format, this Valve/Solid State hybrid amp brings 20 Watts of killer Orange tone right onto your pedalboard. The Terror Stamp’s tiny footprint, 8/16 Ohm Speaker Output, fully-buffered FX Loop and CabSim headphone output integrate seamlessly with your other pedals, whether you’re rocking a loud stage, recording direct or practising into the early hours.
    AED 548.73
    AED 685.91