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Woodwind Instruments

  • AED 8,347.50

  • The composite body gives players the warmer sound of wood without the worry of cracking and warping from temperature and humidity changes. It's perfect for unpredictable weather situations! A conical bore provides more tonal character than a standard cylindrical bore. The silver plated head with a lip plate allows for a smooth transition between flute and piccolo without an embouchure change. Built in Elkhart, Indiana, the Armstrong 307 piccolo is designed to meet the demands of both individuals and institutions.<br><br> Silver plated headjoint, composite body, silver plated mechanism.
    AED 3,444.00

  • The CL601 features a small, complex bore that gives students a well-controlled tone. Complex bore will produce better intonation and smoother scale. Rare on student clarinets, the comfortable keywork on the CL601 comes silver plated keys which will feel less "slippery" than nickel plated keys.<br><br>Features<br>Designed to match affordability with quality designs and attention to craftsmanship, the Aristocrat CL601 is supported by educators because of its dependability.
    AED 2,352.00

  • AED 1,974.00

  • The Prelude by Conn-Selmer PC710 gives the beginner piccolo player everything they need from a starter instrument. Including a composite conical bore body and silver plated keywork and headjoint, this instrument acts as either a fantastic beginners instrument or a second instrument for those who double up with the flute.<br><br>Composite Body<br> This beginners model piccolo sports a composite ABS body, which is suitable for students due to its rigid and durable nature. Where standard wooden piccolos are susceptible to warping and cracking in humid conditions, the ABS body will remain in perfect condition for a much longer time and thus means that the piccolo is much easier to maintain.<br><br>Silver Plated Keywork<br> The PC710 piccolo boasts a set of silver plated keys, which give the instrument not only a great look but also doesn't oxidize as easily, meaning that the instrument will look great for longer. As well as this, the headjoint is also silver plated, which provides a smoother transition between flute and piccolo without too much embouchure adjustment.
    AED 1,837.50

  • Flutes - Closed hole - Student, Prelude by Conn-Selmer - Silver-plated headjoint and body, top adjusting silver-plated mechanism, closed hole Y-arm keys, offset G and C foot.
    AED 1,564.50

  • AED 1,459.50