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The types of electric guitars are many since it is undoubtedly the most popular instrument. So many people identify with its sound, a sound that gives a voice to those who want to communicate through emotion instead of words. Melody House Music is one of the leading online stores to buy electronics and the best place to buy guitars online. The website incorporates electric guitars for sale in UAE, we deal in solid body guitars which are best for beginners. This instrument has a violin or guitar built without its mundane sound box and relying on an electric pickup system to directly receive the vibrations of the strings. Hence, its design makes it more facile for the new utilizer to pick up the chords .Moreover; we have 7 string guitar for all the players who want to play rock and metal because you can integrate extra low metal tonalities to your puissance chords without having to tune your whole guitar lower. Our online store offers bass guitar tabs for beginners and many more. Facile bass lines for beginner’s bass players are just here, bass lines that are very cordial towards tyros. The lines are intended to be auxiliary and not lead oriented, the notes incline to follow the chord changes of the guitar player and the lines give the budding bassist a great crash course in the very essence of being a bass player while developing playing chops. The store acquires numerous collections for beginners and experts. Moreover, they can just be frolicsome to play and learn. Furthermore, the price for acoustic guitars in the UAE ranges from AED 5000 to AED 5500. We understand and acknowledge the budget of our clients and deal in economical rates, which make us the best online store to buy guitars. With the elevating desire and sales for acoustic guitars in UAE we have all the stock for you ranging to meet the requirements of an expert individual, bands and beginners. So grab your piece afore it runs out.