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Offering a wide range of instruments under its portfolio, Roland provides keyboards, percussion instruments, DJ and guitar related products.

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    Buy Roland KC550 Keyboard 180 Watt Combo Amplifier Melody House
    Boasting 180 Watts from its 15 inch woofer and horn tweeter, the KC550 is Rolands flagship keyboard amp. The built-in 4 channel stereo mixer allows the user to connect up to four keyboards, and you can use the amps Shape switch and 3-band EQ to sculpt
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    Buy Roland TM 2 Trigger Module Melody House
    Since the 1970s, drummers have been combining electronic percussion elements with their acoustic kits, and thanks to Roland, it's never been easier. With its incredibly user-friendly interface, Roland's TM-2 Trigger Module lets you effortlessly augment your acoustic drums with electronic percussion. Two trigger inputs support a variety of Roland pads and triggers, while the professional onboard sounds and multi-effects extend the capabilities of your drum kit. You can also trigger your own custom WAV sounds via SDHC card. The percussionists here at Melody House are enthusiastic about the TM-2 - and you will be, too!
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    Buy Roland TR 8S Melody House
    Born of the most famous and influential drum machines ever made, the TR-8S combines the best of its Roland heritage with modern production techniques and comprehensive sound design. The result? The most complete drum machine to date—a forward-thinking, performance-tuned instrument unlike any other. Build your dream kit from the most iconic drum sounds of all time, otherworldly FM sounds, and the finest selection of samples from our vast library—or go even further by importing your own custom samples. Tap, tune, and tweak with hands-on controls and production tools that make your patterns move and groove. And why keep this kind of percussive power confined to the studio? The TR-8S was literally made to play live.
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    Buy Roland E 09 Interactive Arranger Keyboard Melody House
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    Buy Roland KC 350 Keyboard Amplifier Melody House
    The perfect combination of power and value, the new KC-350 is ideal for medium-sized gigs. It features a 120-watt amplifier with convenient 3-band EQ, new Output Select and Shape switch features, plus a Subwoofer output for extra low end. The KC-350 can also be connected to mixing consoles via its line output.
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    Buy Roland Roland 320W keyboard combo amplifier Melody House
    Famous for its keyboard amps, Roland have introduced its flagship: the KC880. With a serious punch of 320 watt power, this amp sits at the forefront of all of the range, producing sound through two 12 woofers and two horn tweeters. On-board DSP effects
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    Buy Roland TD 1KV Electric V Drums set Melody House
    V-DRUMS QUALITY FOR PRACTICE, LEARNING, AND FUN Roland’s V-Drums are the world’s most popular electronic drums for one reason: they’re the best. Blending superior sound, authentic feel, and rugged durability, each kit in the V-Drums lineup performs at the highest level, a testament to more than three decades of developing electronic drums. The compact TD-1KV is no exception, delivering respected V-Drums quality in a space-saving kit that keeps up with you as your playing evolves. Ideal for everyone that wants to enjoy drums at home, the TD-1KV offers a wide selection of expressive drum kits for playing any musical style, plus fun onboard training and recording functions for building your skills and checking your progress. And as a Roland TD-1KV owner, you’re not just starting an exciting musical journey—you’re also joining the V-Drums family, a group of discerning players that includes the world’s finest drummers and percussionists. STANDARD FEATURES
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    Buy Roland V02HD Melody House
    Events or productions often bring serious challenges that are easily solved — if you have the right equipment. Roland’s versatile V-02HD multi-format video mixer replaces several standalone units; a simple switcher, high-quality scaler, input expander, audio solution and inline video effects / composition. Save on space and headaches by packing a V-02HD; the portable-yet-powerful device that lets you concentrate on producing your event or shooting your scenes, rather than trouble-shooting your gear.
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    Buy Roland V 1SDI Melody House
    V-1SDI is a flexible and versatile video switcher that makes it easy to connect and switch professional 3G SDI cameras and playback sources along with HDMI sources including cameras, smart phones, computers, tablets, Blu-ray players. <br><br>Compact and portable, the V-1SDI delivers professional switching results with its easy to use hardware interface complete with T-Fader and easy-to-see backlit buttons.
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    Buy Roland V 4EX 4 Channel HDMI Vision Mixer with Embedded Au Melody House
    ALL-IN-ONE SD VIDEO MIXER WITH HDMI IN/OUT, USB STREAMING OUT, AND BUILT-IN MULTIVIEWER WITH TOUCH CONTROL. <br><br> Accessible and quality video performance and web streaming - The V-4EX - advancing the legendary V-4 and V-8 family to now include:<br><br> HDMI in/out, progressive internal processing, audio embedding, <br>USB streaming and built-in touch monitor.<br> 3 Input (SD HDMI/Composite) + 1 Input (Up to 1080p HDMI/RGB/Component/Composite)<br> PGM Output (Up to 1080p HDMI + RGB/Component + Composite) + PVW Output (PVW/Multiviewer)<br> 480p/576p Progressive internal processing<br> Built-in multiviewer with touch control<br> Built-in frame synchronizers on all inputs<br> Scalers on CH 4 and Output<br> 259 Transitions 148 Effects<br> HDCP compliant<br> Audio Embedding<br> Audio Mixer & Delay -up to 4 frames<br> USB Streaming Out for webstreaming <br><br> The Roland V-4EX advances the industry-standard Roland V-4 four channel video mixer by incorporating HDMI inputs/outputs, USB streaming, HDCP support, built-in touch multi-viewer, and audio embedding. These features are added to the strong primary feature set including built-in effects and unique user interface that has made the V-4 one of the besting selling video mixers of all time. See the current VR-3EX Streaming Software Compatibility list for more information on streaming software compatibility. The Roland V-4EX versatility and unique features make it suitable for many applications, including clubs, concerts, worship, events, meetings, trainings, weddings, education, and sporting events. The V-4EX’s sleek and compact design lends itself to portable applications as well as permanent installations when size and space are considerations.<br> In addition to a number of powerful video effects, the user interface incorporates dial controls for effects on each bus and master output dial. The innovative design incorporates a video switcher, audio embedding,
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    Buy Roland V 8HD Melody House
    Versatile, portable, and reliable, the Roland V-8HD brings a world of creative options to live event switching. Its all-in-one hardware design eliminates computer setup hassles and software-based crashes, while the HDMI workflow and loaded professional toolset streamline production and reduce stress on the gig.
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    AED 8,209.84
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    Buy Roland VP 42H Video Processor with LAN Control Melody House
    The Roland VP-42H Video Processor layers and arranges multiple video sources to a single screen with dynamic transitions for effective and engaging presentations, digital signage and meeting applications.
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    Buy Roland VR1HD Melody House
    If you're a content creator seeking maximum engagement, livestreaming outperforms uploaded video by a significant margin; audiences are larger, watch for longer and post more comments. Roland's VR-1HD lets you broadcast dynamic multi-camera livestreams, complete with amazing picture and sound that easily outshines 'standard' livestreams from a mobile phone or static webcam. Whether you're a creator, gamer, commentator or presenter, it's the easy way to livestream with high production standards. And since you're going to get more comments, ensure they're good ones with the VR-1HD.
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    AED 6,153.00
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    Buy Roland XS 1HD Multi Format Matrix Switcher Melody House
    The XS-1HD is ideal for supporting live event productions that involve a variety of video signals. A high quality scaler is provided on each input, allowing for fast setup. At only the width of a 13” laptop computer, the XS-1HD allows realtime operation in even the most space-limited working environments.
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    Buy Roland XS 42H Matrix Switcher 4 in  2 out with LAN contro Melody House
    The XS-42H is the switcher anyone can connect to and immediately start sharing information to one or two screens for effective meetings and huddles. It is easily installed without any AV experience turns any flat panel TV into a meeting room system.
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    AED 5,719.46