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    Buy Boss BF 2B Bass Flanger Melody House

    Boss BF-2 Flanger: With the classic BOSS BF-2 Flanger, a flanging effect is produced by combining the original signal with an electronically delayed signal. Using four controls, you can tailor a variety of sounds--from dynamic jet-plane effects to short delay, chorus and vibrato sounds. Compact pedal with classic BOSS flanging sounds. Manual, Depth, Rate and Resonance knobs allow users to shape the sound as desired. Produces extreme jet-airplane sounds to mild delay and chorus sounds.
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    Buy Tech21 FR BASS Bass Fly Rig SansAmp Comp OCTAFILTER Chor Melody House

    The Tech 21 Bass Fly Rig Bass multi-effects pedal gives players all the sonic necessities they need for great bass tone in a single, compact unit. It combines five independent effects sections: boost, chorus, compression, a complete SansAmp, and a powerful Octafilter. There's a built-in tuner for convenience, and an XLR output connects directly to a PA system or recording device for when an amp isn't available. The Tech 21 Bass Fly Rig puts all of this power into a pedal that will fit in your gig bag's front pocket.
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    Buy Boss BB 1X Melody House

    ring punch and definition to your bass tone with the BOSS BB-1X Bass Driver Pedal. The BB-1X can be used as a standard drive pedal for your bass for when you want to add some extra gain. The pedal's natural-sounding distortion maintains the definition, dynamics, and finest details of your tone. With the line-level TRS output you can also use it to define your main tone by always leaving it on to go directly to a studio or stage console as a DI. On the outside, the BB-1X has the familiar BOSS chassis with an added reflective accenting on the control panel. While the pedal provides basic Level, Blend, Low, High, and Drive controls to adjust your sound, there's a lot more going on under the hood.
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    Buy Boss BC 1X Melody House

    Leveraging powerful DSP, BOSS applies their MDP (Multi-Dimensional Processing) technology to the BC-1X Bass Compressor Pedal for advanced multi-band compression in a standard stompbox. On the outside, the BC-1X features the standard BOSS chassis with an added reflective accenting and a real-time LED gain reduction readout on the control panel. While the adjustment options on this pedal are simple on the surface, with standard Threshold, Ratio, Release, and Level knobs, each control makes many adjustments under the hood.
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    Buy Boss ODB 3 Bass Overdrive Melody House

    The ODB-3 Bass OverDrive delivers the chest-resonating distortion that hard rock, thrash, and punk bassists have been waiting for. This hot compact pedal has been designed specifically for bass applications.OverDrive pedal specifically designed for bass Onboard two-band equalizer Balance knob controls dry/overdriven sound AC adaptor or 9V battery operation
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    Buy Electro Harmonix Bass Soul Food Overdrive Pedal Melody House

    A natural overdrive and clean boost for the tone conscious player to enhance the original sound of an instrument and amp while retaining their essential character. Its gain stage, treble control and signal path are optimized for bass guitar and guitarists wanting extended low frequency response. An adjustable clean blend assures an articulate, full tone while boosted power rails deliver extended headroom. EHX Founder and President, Mike Matthews, stated: “Our Soul Food put ‘Klon-like’ transparent overdrive into the hands of players at an unprecedented price point. Now we want to bring that to bass guitarists and guitar players who want more low-end definition. The Bass Soul Food delivers a wide range of overdrive and clean boost sounds, and has plenty of volume to assert your place in the mix. It will give your tone a lift in all the right places!” Selectable true or buffered bypass modes and a switchable -10dB pad for active instruments complete the package. Bass Soul Food runs on a 9V battery and ships with a EHX9.6DC-200 power supply.
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    Buy Electro Harmonix Nano Bass Big Muff Distortion Effects Pedal Melody House

    The new Nano Bass Big Muff is the latest EHX bass guitar, effect pedal. It delivers that huge Bass Big Muff sound in a nano-sized package. With voicing inspired by the battle-tank green, Russian Big Muff and a classic Big Muff Pi layout of Sustain, Tone and Volume controls, it provides sounds ranging from a slight but satisfying grit to an over-the-top wall of bass fuzz.
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    Buy Ampeg CLASSIC Melody House

    Analog Bass Preamp Pedal with 3-band Tone Controls<br> <br>The Ampeg Classic Analog Bass Preamp pedal is like having a choice of Ampeg amps right on your pedal board. Dial in a wide range of authentic Ampeg tones with the 3-band tone stack and highly flexible Ultra-Hi and Ultra-Lo circuits. It’s the most affordable way into the pure analog bass tone of Ampeg.<br> <br>Features:<br> <br>-Delivers a wide range of authentic Ampeg tones <br>-Classic 3-band tone stack plus volume <br>-Ultra-Hi and Ultra-Lo circuits for tonal flexibility <br>-True bypass, analog design with incredible signal-to-noise ratio <br>-Roadworthy all-metal chassis construction <br>-9V DC supply or battery capable (not included)
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    Buy Dunlop MXR BASS CHORUS DELUXE Melody House

    The Bass Chorus Deluxe delivers analog lush modulated tones with Bass and Treble controls, a Flanger switch, and a X-Over switch for tonal flexibility.
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    Buy Tech21 YYZ Geddy Lee Signature SansAmp YYZ Bass Pre amp Melody House

    Seeking to streamline and simplify his equipment setup for new projects, Geddy Lee partnered with Tech 21 to design a signature rackmount SansAmp, the GED-2112. This challenging collaboration involved distilling a truckload of gear into a single rackspace. Challenging themselves to bring a super-compact, portable alternative to market, Tech 21 further distilled the rackmount into a pedal format.
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    AED 991.94
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    Buy Mesaboogie Subway Bass DI Preamp Melody House

    Bass Preamp and DI Box with with Voicing Control, Active 4-band EQ, and Deep Switch<br> The warm, musical Tone and powerful features of our SUBWAY® D-800™ Bass Head are now available in a Gig-Bag-Pocket ready package for floor or desktop that boasts friendly connectivity, take anywhere flexibility and ultimate control. Features include Gain, Active BASS, LOW-MID, HIGH-MID and TREBLE EQ Controls, VOICING Control, ACTIVE/PASSIVE Instrument Select, DEEP Switch, XLR Balanced and ¼” Unbalanced PREAMP Outputs with GROUND LIFT and a Balanced DIRECT Output with PRE/POST SWITCH and GROUND LIFT.<br> <br>FEATURES<br> <br>-Made in Petaluma, California with the World’s Finest Materials <br>-Preamp derived from the renowned Subway D-800 Bass Amp <br>-Active/Passive Input Switch <br>-Preamplifier features: Input Gain, Variable Voicing (Flat to Vintage Scoop), Fully <br>-Active 4-Band EQ (+/- 12dB of Bass, Low-Mid, High-Mid, Treble) plus Deep <br>-Switch (for enhanced low-end) and Master Volume <br>-Balanced XLR Direct Mic Level Out with Pre/Post & Ground Lift Switches <br>-Line Level Preamp Outputs - Unbalanced & Balanced with Ground Lift Switch (drives any power amp) Instrument-Thru Output <br>-Powered by AC or Battery, auto-switches to battery if AC fails
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    Buy Ampeg LIQUIFIER Melody House

    The Ampeg Liquifier Analog Chorus pedal delivers incredibly rich tones thanks to its dual chorus circuit design. Experience classic dreamy chorus or turn it all the way up to transport your tone to a new dimension. Featuring a roadworthy all-metal chassis and true bypass switching, the Liquifier Analog Chorus delivers all the lush sounds you’ve been dreaming of and more.
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    Buy Ampeg Scrambler Bass Overdrive Pedal for Bass Melody House

    Overdrive Effects Pedal for Bass, with Drive, Blend, Treble, and Volume Controls <br> <br>The Ampeg Scrambler Bass Overdrive pedal infuses your sound with authentic Ampeg grit, grind and sag. Dial in a huge range of overdrive from subtle to screaming. Add in a touch of highs, then blend in with your dry signal to create the perfect tone. It’s pure analog Ampeg overdrive that’s super affordable.<br> <br>Features:<br> <br>-Delivers classic Ampeg grit, grind and sag <br>-Separate drive and blend (wet/dry) control <br>-Treble and volume control <br>-True bypass, analog design with incredible signal-to-noise ratio <br>-Roadworthy all-metal chassis construction <br>-9V DC supply or battery capable (not included)
    AED 415.35
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    Buy Tech21 SH1 Steve Harris SH1 Signature SansAmp Bass Pre a Melody House

    • All-analog SansAmp™ technology <br> • Two channel modes with individual Gain and Level controls <br> • Blend to control the ratio of SansAmp Tube Amplifier Emulation and your direct instrument signal <br> • 4-band active EQ, cut or boost ±18dB <br> • Bite switch to activate a “Steve” boost for extra clank and clarity <br> • Chromatic tuner
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    AED 1,370.78
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    Buy Ampeg AFP3 Melody House

    The Ampeg AFP3 3-Button Footswitch for SVT4-Pro and other amplifiers, is a three-button foot-controlled switcher for turning effects and equalization on or off, and for muting the amplifier, remotely, from the stage or studio floor. The pedal buttons mirror the actual amp switching buttons of the front panel of the amplifier face plate. It plugs into the "Footswitch" jack on the amplifier. Footswitch for SVT4-Pro and other amplifiers 3-Button foot controlled switcher for turning effects and EQ on or off, and for muting
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    AED 379.89
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    Buy Electro Harmonix Bass Blogger Bass Overdrive Pedal Melody House

    The Electro-Harmonix Bass Blogger gives bassists cutting fuzz tones and great overdrive tones - in the same pedal! E-H knows a thing or two about fuzz and overdrive - their legendary Muffs have been the standard for fuzz since their inception - and they package all their distortion expertise into the Bass Blogger. Controls for Drive, Volume, and Tone let you craft your ideal distortion style and a direct output lets you feed a second amp or effects chain.
    AED 320.16
    AED 390.44
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    Buy Electro Harmonix Bassballs Twin Dynamic Envelope Filter Melody House

    Not one, but two narrow filters sweep your tones under control of the envelope, generating very unique vocal-like sounds. A distortion switch enriches the harmonics. The response control varies the sweep range determined by your attack. Not only designed for and great on bass guitar, but also very funky on guitar.
    AED 302.86
    AED 369.34
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    Buy Electro Harmonix Crying Bass WahFuzz Pedal for Bass Melody House

    The Crying Bass brings all the advantages of EHX’s outrageous Next Step Effects to bass guitarists. Designed especially for bass, this wah/fuzz pedal provides the smoothest response and sound that goes all the way from smooth funk to rude growl without losing any bottom.
    AED 415.35
    AED 506.52
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    Buy Electro Harmonix Enigma Q Balls for Bass Guitar Filter Pedal Melody House

    The Electro-Harmonix Enigma is a powerful and precise envelope filter fine-tuned for bass frequency response.<br> Sculpt your envelope to reveal a truly expressive tone, with a defined and unique signature. Enigma will deliver tight and smooth control over the complete 40 Hz to 3 kHz range, with a consistent and even sweetness.<br> Need some edge? Engage Enigma's analog distortion and dial in anything from subtle bite to dominating crush.<br> You can even plug in an optional expression pedal to control the filter sweep with your foot. With the ability to adjust Q, sweep range, and filter type, you'll also wind up with of the most versatile wahs available.<br> Enigma: a mysteriously musical envelope filter for bass guitar.
    AED 752.82
    AED 918.07
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    Buy Dunlop MXR BASS COMPRESSOR Melody House

    The Bass Compressor provides recording-quality compression with Constant Headroom Technology™ and true bypass switching for keeping your low end tight and clean.
    AED 667.28
    AED 813.75
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    Buy Radial BASSBONE OD bass preamp w two instrument input ch Melody House

    The Bassbone OD is a bass preamp with two instrument input channels, each of which is fully equipped with a level control, super powerful passive-interactive EQ and a low frequency filter to help eliminate resonance. Channel-A is equipped with a PZB booster switch that increases the sensitivity and load to 10 meg ohms to optimize it for use with piezo transducers as commonly used on upright bass. Channel-B takes a different slant with Drag Control load correction to optimize the tone and feel when using a passive instrument such as a vintage Fender bass. Toggling between channels is done using a footswitch and both channels may be mixed together by depressing the blend switch, should a dual pickup system be in use. Outputs include a ¼' instrument level output to feed the artist's on-stage amplifier plus a balanced low-Z Radial DI box output to feed the PA system. The XLR output can be assigned pre or post effects to suit the engineer's preference. A separately buffered tuner output works with the mute footswitch for quiet on-stage tuning. For bassists that employ effects, both input channels can share the same pedals by connecting via the built-in send & receive effects loop. This is augmented with an on-board bass overdrive with control over the drive level and tone. A wet-dry mix lets you add slight grit similar to an Ampeg SVT or full on distortion depending on your mood. The OD footswitch may be assigned to the loop, overdrive or both. Finally, a built-in headphone amp with 3.5mm output lets you use the Bassbone on the bus for those long drives between gigs. Comes equipped with 15VDC power supply. The Bassbone OD... the world's most powerful bass preamp in a pedal.
    AED 1,375.84
    AED 1,677.85
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    Buy Ampeg Bass DI with Scrambler Overdrive Melody House

    Bass Preamp Pedal and Direct Box with Overdrive, EQ, and Tone Controls <br>The SCR-DI by Ampeg is a single-channel, portable bass preamp intended for stage and recording use. Designed to bring tube-like grit to solid-state design, this DI provides on-board EQ controls and Ampeg's proprietary Bass Scrambler Overdrive, both of which can be switched on and off with the tap of your foot. Ultra-Hi and Ultra-Lo options are also provided, and a -15 dB pad jumper renders the unit suitable for both active and passive basses. Housed in die-cast zinc and secured by rubberized feet, the SCR-DI offers multiple connection points: one 1/4" input, two auxiliary inputs (1/4" and 1/8"), an 1/8" (3.5mm) headphone jack, a 1/4" thru port for connecting parallel effects processing, a 1/4" unbalanced line out, and a balanced XLR output. Finally, the unit features a ground lift switch to help eliminate electrical hum at the XLR port, and can be powered by either a 9V battery or a 9-12VDC external power supply (both available separately). Tonal control Legacy Ampeg preamp and tone-stack circuits 3-band parametric EQ with bass, mid, and treble Proprietary Ultra-Hi and Ultra-Lo selectors Proprietary Bass Scrambler Overdrive circuit help emulate classic Portaflex and SVT sounds Separate drive and blend controls Footswitches to toggle options on and off -15 dB pad jumper underneath bottom panel mitigates high-output sources
    AED 822.04
    AED 1,002.49
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    Buy Electro Harmonix Bass Big Muff Pi Bass Fuzz Pedal Melody House

    The Prodigy reborn with underworld instincts comes to life wielding the drive of the original classic Big Muff Pi and the earthy support of a bass tailored design with no loss of low end. This is the pedal that bass players who loved the Big Muff sound have been waiting for.
    AED 346.12
    AED 422.10
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    Buy Tech21 BSDR V2 SansAmp Bass Driver DI v2 Pre Amp DI for Melody House

    Bolster your bass tone with a Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI V2 preamp/direct box pedal. Based on the classic SansAmp bass pedal at the heart of countless live and recording rigs, the SansAmp Bass Driver DI V2 delivers an expanded range of tonal control ideal for modern bass rigs.
    AED 757.15
    AED 923.35
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    Buy Ampeg OPTO COMP Melody House

    The Ampeg Opto Comp Analog Optical Compressor pedal utilizes an optical circuit to deliver smooth, vintage style compression to add headroom and sustain to your guitar or bass. Dial in a fast, subtle style to control peaks or crank up the compression to add a unique character. Featuring a roadworthy all-metal chassis and true bypass switching, the Opto Comp Optical Compressor brings your tone to new heights.
    AED 415.35
    AED 506.52
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    Buy Morley PFW Cliff Burton Power Fuzz Wah Melody House

    It's been more than 30 years since "For Whom the Bell Tolls" debuted, and this is still Morley's most frequently asked question. Bassist Cliff Burton left an indelible mark on Metallica's early records and the music community at large. And today, thanks to help from the guys in Metallica and Cliff's father Ray, the Morley Tribute Cliff Burton Power Fuzz Wah delivers Cliff's sonic signature to players everywhere: a combination wah/fuzz that is perfect for aggressive bass guitar, yet versatile enough for stoner-rock guitars to funky electric pianos. This pedal is based on the original Tel-Ray/Morley Power Wah Fuzz Cliff loved, yet makes some important modern updates: like the option to power with a battery or wall adapter, and independent controls for each effect.
    AED 431.80
    AED 526.58
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    Buy Boss CEB 3 Melody House

    The CEB-3 Bass Chorus pedal offers a split-frequency chorus effect capable of applying warm, rich chorusing to the higher frequencies without muddying up the lows. It's the perfect chorus pedal for bassists.
    AED 348.23

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    Buy Boss GEB 7Bass Equalizer Melody House

    AED 411.55