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Pearl is one of the biggest and most well known brands that manufacture drums and percussion based instruments.

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  • Pearl Percussion is proud to introduce a new accessory to its line of cajon percussion. The new Jingle Cup is an attachable set of cajon jingles, transforming any cajon into a jingle cajon. A 2” diameter suction cup holds the set of platinellas onto any cajon’s striking face, sympathetically sounding when the cajon is played. Available in brass or steel platinellas, the Jingle Cups are easily applied or removed using the plastic tab on the suction cup for quick timbre changes. A threaded screw through the Jingles allows you to easily loosen or tighten the jingles to control their volume. The versatile Jingle Cups can also be attached to the body of an acoustic guitar, a drum, or any instrument you strike, adding rhythm and flair to your music. The cups come paired in sets of two in a handy mesh carrying pouch. Add more spice to your playing with the new Pearl Percussion Jingle Cups.
    AED 58.80

  • The Pearl 830 Series Hardware Pack has 5 separate stands that will really bump up any shell pack's professional status. Here's what's included in the pack. C830 Lightweight Straight Cymbal Stand with Uni-Lock Tilter It's perfect for drummers who don't want to lug around super heavy gear. This cymbal stand features Double-Braced legs and can handle even the heaviest cymbal and keep it balanced and secure. The nylon bushing joint with a plastic wing-nut and plastic cymbal cup washer keep the cymbal stand durable while the Uni-Lock tilter allows players to lock the cymbal in any position. H830 Hi-Hat Stand This lightweight stand is slip resistant because of its nifty retractable spur. It has double braced legs and is compact for easy transport and comes equipped with a chain drive and a standard clutch. The stand sits on top of rubber tipped legs to keep the stand from moving. S830 Snare Stand This stand is a featherweight that manages to be super sturdy. This stand has infinitely adjustable tilter feature and sturdily sits on top of double-braced, rubber tipped legs. It also has die-cast pipe joints and rubber tipped arms so there's no chance players will damage the drum while playing. The basket can hold 13" - 14" drums and can adjust from 16.93" - 24.41". P930 Bass Drum Pedal This pedal features the Pearl PowerShifter longboard which has 3 positions available to choose from when adjusting the pedal feel. The beater angle is fully adjustable, too, so the possibilities are unlimited! The roller on the pedal is frictionless which allows for the kick pedal to rotate smoothly. The single-chain kick pedal features an aluminum die cast wheel which also contributes to the smoothness of the overall feel of the pedal. BC830 Boom Cymbal Stand This stand features the uni-lock tilter that has a built in percussion post and a reversible cymbal cup that allows players to control the range of motion for the cymbal.
    AED 1,260.00

  • Inside the standard rod chamber is a small hex key that fits into the hex screw on the top of each Spin-Tight Tension Rod. This hex key can be tightened independently from the rest of the rod, effectively 'locking it down' so it won't loosen up under hours of heavy playing.
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  • Pearl HWP-930 Hardware Pack is the perfect addition to any shell pack drum set or if your hardware needs upgrading.<br><br> This 930 Series hardware pack includes one each of the following:<br>- BC930 Boom Cymbal Stand<br>- C930 Cymbal Stand<br>- H930 Hi-Hat Stand<br>- S930 Snare Stand<br>- P930 Bass Drum Pedal<br>-
    AED 1,606.50

  • The Pearl Egg Carton features three egg shakers in a translucent tube. The eggs can be played separately or all packed In the carton as a complete unit and played.
    AED 64.05

  • The ADP-20 features dual quick release clamps that accommodate tubes from 3/4" to 1 1/8" in diameter. Superior quality alloys and high-pressure moulding assure years of dependable and trouble-free service.<br> <br>Features<br> <br>Dual release clamp <br>For stands from 3/4" to 1-1/8" in diameter <br>High-quality alloy <br>High-pressure moulding
    AED 94.50

  • Tension rod and washer for Pearl Bass drums (and Championship Series Marching Bass Drums, MCX)<br> T-066 with Head, M6 x 110 mm, Single piece per Pack.
    AED 10.50

  • Pearl aluminum Hex Ganzas are uniquely shaped shakers that produce three separate sounds by simply shaking them against different sides of the instrument. Two sizes are available, the PGA-32 Long version and the short version, the PGA-30.
    AED 73.50

  • This revolutionary practice pad consists of a 14" rubber pad in two levels, with two degrees of response and feel.<br><br> Designed to fit snugly on top af a 14" snare drum or floor tom, it provides a realistic feel while making for an almost silent practice session.<br><br> Work your chops up and then easily remove the pad from the snare to show off your new skills.<br><br> A must for every dummer!
    AED 73.50

  • Steel MTW12 washers, 12 pieces.
    AED 10.50

  • The CH-930 is a new member to the MIPA award-winning 900 Series Hardware family, and features a Uni-Lock Tilter for infinitely adjustable cymbal positioning. It’s telescopic knurled cymbal arm allows for an incredible amount of positioning possibilities. The cymbal arm can also fit back inside the main pipe tube, instantly converting into a straight cymbal stand if so desired.
    AED 210.00

  • These are the words that best describe the new CX AIRFRAME Carriers from Pearl, which combine a lightweight, simplistic design with rugged durability. Field tested by the Santa Clara Vanguard and Blue Knights Drum and Bugle Corps, this revolutionary breakthrough in Carrier design is highly adjustable with minimal moving parts, making this the perfect Carrier for players of all sizes and skill levels.<br> <br>The CX AIRFRAME Carriers feature a solid rod, form-fitting upper shoulder frame attached to a thin aluminum belly plate with extreme range of motion. The ACS (Agility Control System) Belt unites the player to their instrument for optimal stability in today’s modern use of body movement. The shoulder and belly pads are removable for cleaning and are built with a “Stealth” design; the Carriers practically disappear under the uniform.<br>
    AED 1,144.50

  • New streamlined pipe joints now include Pearl’s new “clam shell” style collars on the 930 series. The base of each stand has received an upgrade with the addition of the new double braced Trident Design Tripod which prohibits damage to the stand’s pipe from excess torque.
    AED 304.50

  • The AX-25 features rotating quick release jaws for virtually unlimited positioning possibilities. Both jaws adjust to accommodate tubing from 5/8" to 1 1/8".
    AED 126.00

  • The Pearl HCL-205QR Rapid Lock Supergrip Hi-Hat Clutch is a high-quality hi-hat clutch from Pearl, featuring durable felt washers and a rapid lock/release fastener for quick and easy cymbal changing. The HCL-205QR is very similar to the HCL-105QR clutch but features a built-in clamp for enhanced stability. The spring-loaded dual fastening system allows you to disengage the rapid lock from the main clutch with ease, resulting in smooth, easy breakdown and setup of the top hi-hat. The felt washers minimise interference with the cymbals themselves, ensuring you get the same great sound without the inconvenience of losing your hi-hats.
    AED 105.00

  • The Pearl CH-1030B Boom Cymbal Holder features a newly designed Gyro-Lock tilter with a built-in percussion post, topped off with reversible cymbal cup that can be used to control the cymbal range of motion. A quick-release nut makes cymbal changes super fast while a new boom tilter with form-fit stop lock provides dependable angles. Itís telescopic cymbal arm allows for an incredible amount of positioning possibilities.
    AED 294.00

  • The Pearl PBC512CC Club Cajon features all wood construction with fixed snares and a rear facing bass port that deepens the lows.
    AED 525.00

  • ProTone tom heads are made with a proprietary film specially designed for drumheads for outstanding tone and durability. Whether you like the quick attack of single-ply heads or the wetter, fatter sound of two-ply heads, ProTone has you covered. ProTone tom heads are available in coated and clear single-ply and clear two-ply versions.
    AED 52.50

  • Pearl's UltraSound snares feature patented Graduated Tension wires with strategically positioned looser and tighter wires. The looser wires respond to the lightest touch while the tighter wires maintain head contact during the loudest playing. The SN-1420I has even tension snare wires for those who want traditional snare dynamics, but with the benefits of the UltraSound's rust proof snare wires and ultra-thin, low mass 0.6mm Phosphor Bronze end plates for ultra quick response
    AED 73.50

  • The C-1030 cymbal stand, part of Pearl’s Advanced Hardware Systems, provides the ultimate in performance, durability and ergonomic action. Designed with the studio musician in mind, meticulous care has been taken to make each component solid, sturdy, and most of all, silent.
    AED 493.50