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  • Wak-a-Tubes are brightly coloured percussion instruments made from different lengths of plastic tubing. They’re fun and easy for musicians of all ages to play – simply whack them against a hard surface, hit them against each other, or lay them out on a flat surface and strike them with beaters.<br><br> Get the whole class playing together with this school pack. Full contents is as follows:<br><br> 3x C40<br> 1x C#(Db)41<br> 3x D42<br> 1x D#(Eb)43<br> 2x E44<br> 2x F45<br> 2x F#(Gb)46<br> 3x G47<br> 1x G#(Ab)48<br> 3x A49<br> 2x A#(Bb)50<br> 2x B51<br> 2x C52<br> 1x PP1188 Lollipop drum & beater<br> 2x PP985 Wooden jingle sticks<br> 1x Carry case<br>
    AED 749.23