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Establishing themselves as premium artisan cajon creators since 2002 in Spain, DG Cregorio have been supplying quality built cajon's through the use of certified wood and environmentally friendly coatings.

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    Turn your ordinary Cajon into a rock-solid kick drum with the DeGregorio DG Drive-Direct Cajon Pedal that employs a telescoping linkage that virtually eliminates energy loss and latency, resulting in a lightning-fast feel and a sensitivity most cajon pedals lack. It is also a reversible from right-to-left-side positioning with just a single screw, and since it's built for the working pro, you can rely on it for years to come. With its patented chain-driven design and foam rubber beater, the Direct-Drive Cajon Pedal lets you play your cajon like a bass drum, freeing your hands nad expanding your creative possibilities.
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