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Community Art | Melody House

Why this community is unique

Community Diverse Music | Melody House

Diverse Music

We see music as a composition of every genre, style and culture. Welcoming and celebrating the openness of music!

Community Relationship | Melody House


We believe in creating lasting connections with each other as a music community. A home for all to grow and perform together.

Melody House - Learning


We host workshops, clinics and activities that share the knowledge of instruments and `tips & tricks` in music. Sharing ideas and learning from each other.

Community Connections | Melody House


Our space is where musicians can meet, talk and enjoy being around music. Connecting musicians to the music industry and exposing their talents.

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    Music and Audio

    What is your best microphone for recording purposes?

    SHURE SM7B - This monster mic has been dominating in the music scene for many years now, not to mention all those famous singers testimonials of how good this microphone is.

    What is your best-not so expensive microphone for daily use?

    It would definitely be the legendary SHURE SM58. This microphone has made a reputation for itself among musicians. In fact, there's little that this vocal microphone can't do. Time to find out if this 15-year old microphone piece of hardware can keep pace with today's competition.

    Is Mackie a good brand?

    Mackie is well known amongst professionals in the music industry. It offers great quality products but with a reasonable price point and anyone can make great use of them.

    I want to start learning to play the guitar. Which type should I get?

    Preferably an acoustic guitar or a classical guitar, depending on which one initially feels comfortable to you. Acoustic / classical guitars will develop finger strength and note control. It would then be way easier to transition to electric guitar if you wish once you get the hang of it.

    When I first buy a guitar, what does a general setup (for guitar/bass) entail?

    The following jobs are usually done for a general setup:
    Truss rod adjustment
    Re-slotting of nut slots
    Oiling/conditioning fretboard
    Spot-leveling loose fret/s (if more than 3 frets are loose, fret leveling is required)
    Cleaning parts and hardware
    Action adjustment
    Balancing of tremolo unit (if so applies)
    Intonation setup
    Pickup height adjustment
    Any other minor tweaks needed

    How much would a general setup cost?

    General setups usually cost around 160 – 220 AED; prices vary depending on guitar type and number of problems.

    Repair Services

    What is the cost of a service?

    The cost of a service is given after the instrument has been checked based on work time and the rate is 300.dhs + VAT per hour excluding spare parts.

    How long does it take to complete a service?

    Usually we will do the service on the same day I receive the instrument and unless it is a wooden instrument that needs to be glued the customer can collect the instrument in the same or the day after.

    Can we just walk in and have our instrument repaired or we need to set an appointment?

    It is highly recommended to set an appointment to avoid time constraints, clashes, and delays in turnover, as respect to other clients that were scheduled prior to you.

    If it is only a minor job like restringing or soldering, you may contact us to check if we can do a same-day turnover.

    Can we call the guitar technician for inquiries and appointments?

    Yes, although email / SMS / Whatsapp message would be more preferable. As guitar repair demands concentration and attention to detail, messages would be appreciated, so as not to disrupt our focus on the instrument that is in our hands at the moment. In case we miss your call, we would get back to you as soon as we are free.

    Can I service a specific instrument?

    Our team can service almost all the instruments used in a Symphonic Orchestra excluding piano, harp and accordion. As well as the guitar for repairs and tuning.

    Are there instruments that are “impossible” to fix?

    Usually our experienced luthier team would say there isn’t anything “impossible” but of course there are some repairs that are irreversible. Our team’s talent shows their expertise and always shares the best strategy for the musician.


    Is there any delivery charge for locations within UAE?

    For orders above 500Aed, delivery charge is FREE for locations within UAE area except for Al Ruwais
    For orders below 500Aed, regular delivery charge is 27Aed
    For Al Ruwais regular delivery charge (max weight 5Kg) - 80Aed
    Note : charges are subject to change.

    Do you have shipping charges for outside UAE?

    Yes. The charges will depend on the location.

    Do you have deliveries on Fridays?

    No delivery schedules during Fridays