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Starting with just a pair of drumsticks, AHEAD stands for Advanced High Efficiency Alloy Drumsticks. Focusing on creating the best drum accessories for all drummers. 

  • Ahead Speed Torque Ratchet Features:<br><br> -A drum line's best friend<br> -Replaces heads and tunes drums fast<br> -Handles the high tensioning of Kevlar marching heads<br> -Reversible male/female drum key attachment solves most issues drum related<br> -Phillips screwdriver attachment for snare strainers and on-the-spot drum repairs<br> -Compact design - stows away in a stick quiver<br>
    AED 69.30

  • AED 865.30

  • Ahead Switch Kick stainless steel adapter shaft. The 1/4" shaft fits all major pedal brands and features nine different height adjustment options.<br><br> The revolutionary F.A.S.T switching design allows you to switch beater heads and make adjustments on the fly, without any tools.
    AED 147.74

  • AED 865.30

  • Designed for the musician that wants to use a pedal with a cowbell or tambourine. The beater has reversible sides with distinctive sound qualities and volume differences. With the hard rubber side you will be able to get a louder sound with less effort and with the soft silicone rubber side you will be able to get that soft touch. Stainless steel adapter shaft (SK-SHAFT) REQUIRED but NOT INCLUDED. <br><br>Features:<br>-Two-way, reversible, high density black delrin beater head includes a hard rubber side for a cowbell and a soft silicone rubber side for a tambourine<br>-Black aircraft grade aluminum shaft<br>-Beater head rotates 360 degrees. Turn 90 degrees to lock, unlock or remove
    AED 221.60

  • Expand Your Switch Kick System<br> How would you like to swap out your felt bass beater for a brush in seconds, without tools? The Ahead nylon brush kick beater works with the Switch Kick System to give drummers a never-before-possible sound. This nylon brush softens attacks and delivers a folksy quality that's great for small acoustic ensembles. The tough nylon is built to last, as is the aircraft-grade aluminum shaft.<br><br>Ahead Switch Kick Nylon Brush Kick Beater at a Glance:<br><br>-Brush head made from heavy black nylon<br>-Adds a folksy, buskerly quality to your bass beats<br>-Softens attack - great for street performances<br>-Durable red aircraft-grade aluminum shaft<br>-Works with the Switch Kick Beater System - swap beaters in seconds without tools!<br>Add versatility to your Switch Kick system with the Ahead nylon brush kick beater!
    AED 221.60

  • 5.5" x 14" Snare Drum Bag with Weather-resistant Fabric, TruForm Design, DynaZip Zipping System, and DX-Core Padding
    AED 211.05

  • This wool felt cymbals are advanced cymbal washers that provide greater consistency, a more comfortable feel and a better sound from all cymbal types, sizes and brands! Protect your cymbals from hardware and wing-nut damage with colorful felts that you can choose from. Available in black, red, blue mix
    AED 6.30

  • Innovative System Makes Swapping Beaters Easy<br>Add massive flexibility to your bass drum with the Ahead Two-way Switch Kick Starter System. The Two-way Switch Kick Starter System is the key piece of the entire Switch Kick quick-release beater setup, and it includes both a 2-way reversible beater head and an stainless steel adapter shaft, which fits virtually all standard drum pedals, including DW pedals. Sweetwater drummers particularly appreciate how easy it is to adjust the beater over 10 height settings and between its plastic and felt surfaces. What's more, there are several additional interchangeable Switch Kick beaters to choose from, and you'll find them all right here at Melody House.<br><br>Ahead Two-way Switch Kick Starter System Features:<br>-An innovative system that lets you quickly and easily swap out kick pedal beaters<br>-Tool-less design allows you to swap Switch Kick beaters and adjust beater height in seconds<br>-Included stainless steel adaptor fits standard and DW kick pedals, providing 10 different height options<br>-2-way beater features a hard plastic side and a felt side for two distinct kick tones<br>-Compatible with all Switch Kick beaters<br><br>Add versatility to your kick drum with the Ahead Two-way Switch Kick Starter System!
    AED 295.47

  • Traditional reversible beaters sound similar on both sides. But the Ahead Two-way Foam/Wood beater for the Switch Kick platform gives you two totally distinct playing surfaces to choose from. One is made from solid maple and packs a wallop for rock and funk. The other is made of a soft, spongy material that delivers a more delicate response for jazz feathering. And if durability is a concern, rest assured that the aircraft-grade aluminum shaft is built to last.<br><br>Ahead Switch Kick Two-way Wood/Foam Kick Beater at a Glance:<br><br> -2 distinct playing surfaces<br> -Maple wood side packs a punch for rock and funk<br> -Sponge side is soft and delicate for jazz feathering<br> -Durable red aircraft-grade aluminum shaft<br> -Works with the Switch Kick Beater System - swap beaters in seconds without tools!<br>
    AED 221.60

  • If innovation is your game, then this drum key is for you. The clip allows the drummer on the go to fasten their drum key to almost anything so that its easily accessible and quick to find.
    AED 16.80