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  • The Prelude by Conn-Selmer PC710 gives the beginner piccolo player everything they need from a starter instrument. Including a composite conical bore body and silver plated keywork and headjoint, this instrument acts as either a fantastic beginners instrument or a second instrument for those who double up with the flute.<br><br>Composite Body<br> This beginners model piccolo sports a composite ABS body, which is suitable for students due to its rigid and durable nature. Where standard wooden piccolos are susceptible to warping and cracking in humid conditions, the ABS body will remain in perfect condition for a much longer time and thus means that the piccolo is much easier to maintain.<br><br>Silver Plated Keywork<br> The PC710 piccolo boasts a set of silver plated keys, which give the instrument not only a great look but also doesn't oxidize as easily, meaning that the instrument will look great for longer. As well as this, the headjoint is also silver plated, which provides a smoother transition between flute and piccolo without too much embouchure adjustment.
    AED 1,544.89
    AED 1,931.11
  • Skytone's basic 70s, with a solid mechanical structure and outstanding performance, is designed to provide stable handling and accurate pitch and tone, making it easier to be controlled and played.
    AED 3,544.80
    AED 4,431.00
  • Looking for your first tenor saxophone? The Conn TS650 tenor saxophone is ideally suited for students and beginners thanks to high-quality construction and very competitive price tag. Conn have over 130 years of manufacturing and designing quality saxophones, so you know the TS650 is going to be good!<br><br> What makes the Conn TS650 tenor saxophone stand out from similarly priced instruments are the Pisoni pads. These Italian pads provide an exceptional seal which helps with tuning and note production - an excellent advantage for any student.<br><br> To ensure that your new Conn TS650 stays safe, it includes a quality case. This lightweight case even has backpack straps so you can always take your saxophone with you. Also included is a mouthpiece so you can start practising straight away.
    AED 3,714.48
    AED 4,643.10
  • The Armstrong FL650 Flute is ideal for beginner and student musicians. The FL650's nickel and silver alloy body has a durable and robust build, making it ideal for taking to lessons. The white felt bumpers have a comfortable feel and easy playability. The FL650's Pisoni pads have a reliable pressure which is suitable for students and younger musicians developing expression on each note. This instrument comes as a pack including a wooden case with cover, cleaning rod and cleaning cloth.
    AED 1,308.51
    AED 1,635.64
  • Flute for children. This instrument features Curved headjoint, Nickel silver headjoint, body and keys silver plated, Shorter form without separate foot joint suitable for children, Range to low D (C-tuning), Simplified keys with finger buttons, No trill keys, no split E, PISONI pads, With flute swab and cleaning cloth, Wooden case with cover.
    AED 1,224.09
    AED 1,530.11
  • The Conn SS650 Soprano Saxophone has a comfortable playability that's ideal for the developing student musician. The brass body produces authentic tones with clarity and high frequency brightness. The soprano size is ideal for students and younger players who require a more comfortable shape and easier reach. This model features a straight neck design and is ideal for jazz styles. The SS650 is in Bb tuning and ranges to high F#. The gold lacquer is a smart finish whilst the white pearloid buttons give the saxophone a detailed aesthetic. This model includes a lightweight bag for optimum portability, and a Conn mouthpiece setup for outstanding playability straight out the box.
    AED 2,785.86
    AED 3,482.32
  • Featuring a high-impact plastic body, the 1492 is great for the beginning oboist. The silver plated, basic conservatory key system with newly designed French arms is fluid, light to the touch and easily maintained. The addition of highly contoured cork pads make for a student level oboe with response like no other. Range to low B.<br><br>The 1492 silver plated oboe has basic conservatory key system with newly designed French arms is fluid, light to the touch and easily maintained. The addition of highly contoured cork pads make for a student level oboe with response like no other. Range to low B.<br><br>Resonite body with wood grain finish, basic conservatory system to low B, silver plated keys.
    AED 7,352.98
    AED 9,191.23
  • The composite body gives players the warmer sound of wood without the worry of cracking and warping from temperature and humidity changes. It's perfect for unpredictable weather situations! A conical bore provides more tonal character than a standard cylindrical bore. The silver plated head with a lip plate allows for a smooth transition between flute and piccolo without an embouchure change. Built in Elkhart, Indiana, the Armstrong 307 piccolo is designed to meet the demands of both individuals and institutions.<br><br> Silver plated headjoint, composite body, silver plated mechanism.
    AED 2,405.97
    AED 3,007.46
  • The Conn AS650 Alto Saxophone is an ideal saxophone for the student musician. The fully brass body and keys produce classic warm, clear tones with the ability to project a loud volume. The alto size offers a balanced tone with full sounding bass and mids. The Pisoni pads provide the AS650 with an expressive feel and a reliable motion. This model benefits from an adjustable metal thumb hook for a more comfortable feel, and has a curved neck for an easier reach. The gold lacquer finish is a smart aesthetic, and an included case keeps your saxophone protected whilst going to gigs, lessons and more.
    AED 2,828.07
    AED 3,535.09
  • The CL601 features a small, complex bore that gives students a well-controlled tone. Complex bore will produce better intonation and smoother scale. Rare on student clarinets, the comfortable keywork on the CL601 comes silver plated keys which will feel less "slippery" than nickel plated keys.<br><br>Features<br>Designed to match affordability with quality designs and attention to craftsmanship, the Aristocrat CL601 is supported by educators because of its dependability.
    AED 1,975.42
    AED 2,469.28
  • Conn CSS280R sopranosax - Engraved Red Brass Body Soprano sax, Straight one-piece body, with yellow brass keys, clear lacquer, nickel silver rods, high F# key, Selmer USA mouthpiece (R401), backpack style.<br><br>keywork to Hig G.<br> beautifull engraving<br> highquality<br> full sound<br> mouthpiece and accessories included.
    AED 7,935.48
    AED 9,919.35
  • C Key Flute, Student Series
    AED 1,941.66
    AED 2,427.08
  • Perfect for the beginning bassoonist or middle school band program, the body of the Selmer 1432B is made from strong Resonite plastic. It features the popular Heckel key system (w/ high C key, F # trill, large ring A and C#-D# trills, rollers for C#-D# and F-Ab), and durable kid leather pads. Each bassoon comes complete with two bocals andsturdy wood shell case.
    AED 26,323.50

  • Conn-Selmer is pleased to introduce the new Selmer 400 Series student saxophones. Available in an alto and tenor saxophone, the 400 Series redefines the student saxophone.<br><br> Rich in features typically found on professional models, the 400 Series is the first line of student saxophones to not only help the student get started playing music, but to prepare the student to advance to a step-up or professional model when he or she is ready. The full rib design of the 400 Series makes for a deep rich tone and provides a bit of resistance to help the student develop proper embouchure and breath-support. The double-bracing on the lower keys helps protect the keys from getting bent and helps ensure a proper seal from the pad every time. The 400 Series saxophones feature a rose brass neck for great sound. The angled key-stack for the left hand pinky allows an easier reach for the student.
    AED 6,225.98

  • "Conn" - Accoustic neck, yellow brass body and keys, hight F# key, C#/Bb connected table keys, low A key, C key with double arms, Pisoni pads, gold lacquer finish
    AED 18,448.50

  • Conn Eb Alto Saxophone Engraved Yellow Brass Body and Keys High F# key, adjustable right hand thumbrest, full-ribbed construction, Leather backpack style case
    AED 9,898.24

  • The CL650 Clarinet includes a lightweight case with rucksack straps which is perfect for students taking their instrument to and from school. The case will keep your clarinet looking and feeling newer for longer as it keeps your instrument protected from knocks and scratches. Also included in this pack is a USA mouthpiece with ligature and cap. Play straight from the box with this all in one deal.
    AED 2,004.98

  • The Walther-Gewa melody is an excellent solution for the school. It has a purse case with carrying straps. It can be played as a wind instrument directly with a pin or lowered to a base or knees by means of a flexible plastic pipe with a pin. On the back side there is a hand lever holding the melody while playing.
    AED 116.08

  • Selmer "Aristocrat" - Silver-plated headjoint and body, top adjusting silver-plated mechanism, closed hole Y-arm keys, offset G and C foot.
    AED 2,110.50

  • Flutes - Closed hole - Student, Prelude by Conn-Selmer - Silver-plated headjoint and body, top adjusting silver-plated mechanism, closed hole Y-arm keys, offset G and C foot.
    AED 1,593.43

  • The Leblanc Serenade is the result of combining Leblanc’s rich history of instrument manufacturing, dating back to 1750, with the most modern, cutting edge technology available. Featuring eye catching unstained Grenadilla wood, which is aged for a minimum of ten years, precision engineered key-work and, most importantly, a beautiful rich sound, the Leblanc Serenade is the perfect instrument for every aspiring Clarinetist. Best of all, every single part of the Serenade is made in the USA.<br><br>FEATURES:<br>Manufactured in USA<br> Wood barrel, body and bell – Grenadilla<br> Keys – Silver plate with Eb trill key<br> Bore - .577” complex<br> Barrel – 66 mm
    AED 6,753.60

  • Alto-Saxophon for children<br> Keys adjusted to children hands<br> Suitable for children due to new neck shape<br> Brass body, brass keys<br> C#-Bb connected table key<br> Lacquered finish<br> Mouthpiece with ligature and cap<br> With cleaning cloth and harness carrying strap<br> Light rectangular case with rucksack assembly<br> Weight approx. 2,5 kg<br>
    AED 2,669.78

  • 400 Series saxophones from Selmer will help you play like a pro right from the start. Priced to make it easy for you to get started in music, the 400 Series’ tone and features will have you sounding like you have been playing your whole life. So when you are ready to step into the spotlight, the 400 Series from Selmer will have prepared the way
    AED 8,294.26