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  • VoxGuard VU Nearfield Absorber from Primacoustic is an acoustic-absorption shield for minimizing room ambience and reflections in project- and professional-recording applications. The VoxGuard VU is made of high-density open-cell acoustic foam and a rigid ABS backing that reduces bass buildup and provides a lightweight, yet sturdy base. The shield features an outlet for a microphone cable and will mount onto any microphone stand using the included threaded mic-stand adapter, knurled ring, and extension bar. Use the VoxGuard while recording vocalists and musicians in control rooms, around other musicians or to minimize noise during field recording and podcasts.
    AED 525.00

  • Broadway panels may be mounted in various methods to suit your specific application. In addition to using typical screws and adhesives Primacoustic has developed a series of impalers to provide the installer with a simple, quick and effective method of mounting Broadway acoustic panels onto walls without causing serious surface defacement. Each impaler features a series of sharp protruding darts that penetrate the panel to secure it in place. To ensure panels do not get dislodged after installation, applying a dab of construction adhesive to the impaler during the mounting process adds another level of security and reduces opportunity for tampering. Impalers are installed using typical sheet rock anchors and screws. Simple mounting system anyone can do! Perfect for all types of installations Easy to relocate without marring the walls Choice of wall, corner, and offset impalers Primacoustic Offset impalers offer an effective method to increase bass absorption by introducing an air space behind the panel. This unique impaler features a U-shaped design with pivoting darts for left-hand or right-hand installations. The deep 3½" stand-off matches that of a typical 2?x4? making it easy to use in conjunction with standard building supplies. By adding the cavity, an additional octave of bass attenuation can be achieved!
    AED 367.50

  • TheVoxGuard DT™ is a portable acoustic screen designed to reduce the ambient noise arou nd a microphone when recording. This allows the voice to be captured while eliminating the echo and reverb, allowing the engineer to reintroduce the desired effects during post production. The VoxGuard DT is a free standing model designed to surround microphones on desks and tables. Simply rest it behind your microphone as a table-top gobo to reduce ambience and echo. An open slot allows the cable to pass through the back while allowing the microphone to be articulated for optimum positioning. Features: Controls ambient space around the mic Creates intimate sound field Delivers cleaner, more articulated, voice track Allows you to add ambiance as needed
    AED 357.00

  • AED 2,709.00

  • The Broadway London 8 room kit is designed for rooms up to 100 sq ft (9.3 sq m), or can be combined with other products to treat larger spaces. Ideally suited for home theaters and studios, these easy to use kits are an affordable way to start with acoustic treatment.
    AED 1,302.00

  • AED 4,126.50

  • The Primacoustic Recoil Stabilizer is a unique mounting device for your audio speakers that eliminates disruptive resonant coupling from the loudspeaker to the stand. In addition, the RX5 Recoil Stabilizer provides a stable base that reduces recoil from the forward energy of your loudspeaker.Made from three basic components, the Recoil Stabilizer is essentially a platform for the loudspeaker that features a high-density urethane base that isolates the speaker from the shelf, monitor-bridge, or stand. This effectively decouples the loudspeaker to eliminate vibration-borne resonance to the substructure. A heavy laser-cut steel plate is added and sandwiched between the isolation layer and a no-slip neoprene top. The steel plate introduces significant mass to the structure and serves to stabilize the speaker.By reducing the backward recoil energy as the speaker coil pushes energy forward, initial waveform transients no longer suffer lag and the sharpness of the resulting pulse is more defined.
    AED 441.00

  • AED 2,709.00

  • AED 4,126.50

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  • AED 1,680.00

  • Designed for nearfield monitors, the Primacoustic Recoil Stabilizer™ is a unique speaker mounting device that at once eliminates disruptive resonant coupling from the loudspeaker to the stand, while providing a stable base that reduces the recoil caused by the forward energy of the loudspeaker motion.
    AED 651.00

  • The Primacoustic RX7 Recoil Stabilizer flat monitor pad eliminates resonant coupling from the the nearfield speaker to the stand, giving you the most accurate sound possible from your monitor. The RX7 also provides a stable base for your monitor, with a non-slip neoprene top surface and multi-layer, multi-material construction. With the added mass of a laser-cut steel plate sandwiched by isolation foam, plus a high-density urethane foam base, the anti-recoil design of the RX7 is both stable and amazingly effective.Primacoustic RX7 Recoil Stabilizer Flat Nearfield Monitor Pad Features:10.5" x 13"Load limit 44 lbsAnti-recoil designNon-slip neoprene top surfaceHigh-density urethane foam baseLaser-cut steel plate sandwiched by isolation foam for added massFlat version (5-degree angled version also available)The Primacoustic RX7 Recoil Stabilizer flat pad lets you get the most accurate performance possible from your nearfield monitors!
    AED 525.00

  • The Primacoustics KickStand Bass Drum Microphone Stand not only serves as an ideal low-profile microphone stand for bass drums, its noise isolating design and open cell foam padding aid in eliminating associated vibration and reflective noise. The KickStand's stabilizing bass and padding effectively eliminate the resonance caused by wooden (or any hard surface) flooring. In addition, mechanical noise due to vibration and shock are also greatly reduced. The KickStand is also a viable option for capturing acoustic bass, electric bass amplifiers, guitar amplifier and more.
    AED 399.00

  • AED 117.60

    AED 1,302.00

  • AED 189.00

  • AED 2,068.50

  • The Stratus Broadband Ceiling Cloud (Beige) from Primacoustic is a 2" thick, high-density absorptive panel designed to provide an acoustic treatment where you want to control primary reflections, eliminate flutter echo, and reduce standing waves. Suspend the panel over your recording console to virtually eliminate conditions that cause standing peaks in your critical mix position. Once installed, this unit will produce a more controlled and intimate acoustic environment with a larger sweet spot and reduced ear fatigue. The panel absorbs sound energy by converting it to heat. Sound energy traveling via air vibrations, penetrates the panel, and causes the minute glass fibers to vibrate and generate heat. This transfer of thermo-dynamic energy effectively absorbs directional sound energy, thereby preventing it from reflecting into your mix position. The panel ships in kit form, but can easily be assembled using nothing more than a screwdriver. All hardware, including a suspension kit, is included with the unit. This model is made from 6-pound-per-cubic-foot fiberglass and has a panel depth of 2". The fiberglass is encapsulated in micromesh and edges are resin-treated to retain small fibers. To provide a clean aesthetic look, the panel is covered in an acoustically transparent fabric. Adjusting the angle of installation and the space between the panel and the ceiling can further enhance the absorptive performance of this product.
    AED 1,302.00

  • A set of high-density absorptive cubes designed to provide an acoustic treatment where you want to control primary reflections, eliminate flutter echo, and reduce standing waves. A typical installation includes a series of these cubes spread in an array across a wall surface. This configuration allows energy to reflect back into the room to prevent deadening of the acoustic space and leaves a sense of balance and natural ambient acoustics. The cubes are easy to install on virtually any surface. Their small size makes them particularly well suited for installation in live-end and dead-end spaces, such as studios and home theaters. However, spreading multiple blocks across a larger space, such as practice rooms or studios, can also be an economical choice for a larger installation. This model is made from 6-pound-per-cubic-foot fiberglass and has a panel depth of 2". It also features square edges. The set includes (12) blocks, which are sufficient for a total surface coverage of 48 square feet. Mounting the blocks on Primacoustic's Offset Impalers can create a space between the blocks and the mounting surface to further enhance the absorptive performance of this product.
    AED 3,097.50

  • AED 3,360.00

  • The Cumulus is amazingly compact. Each side is 24" in length and, when in place, creates a 12" deep air space cavity behind the panel that increases the bass absorption characteristics. Mounting Cumulus traps in a room will generally yield a significant reduction in the problematic low-mid region while leaving the architectural design of the room virtually intact. Invisible mounting is achieved using spring-tensioned clasps and a single eye-screw. Mounting literally takes minutes and because of the reverse beveled edges Cumulus traps flush mount 'seamlessly' into the room esthetics. This makes the Cumulus the perfect acoustic starting point for rooms such as home theatres or smaller production suits that have limited wall space and suffer from saturation of lower mid-range frequencies (known as 'boomyness'). The strategic placement of the Cumulus in the ceiling corners plus the air cavity it creates there, helps flatten out low-mid room response. Cumulus traps are constructed of high density 6 lb per cubic foot rigid fiberglass with resin hardened edges. This process works in tandem with the surface micromesh to fully encapsulate the fiberglass. Panels are covered in an acoustically transparent fabric in choice of three colors for an architecturally attractive appearance.
    AED 724.50

  • AED 2,709.00