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    The Big Fat Neck Tie has 5 sets of tambourine jingles to give any cymbal a sizzle/trashy sound. The round 2" hole at the top of the Neck Tie will fit over any cymbal felt, wing nut, sleeve, nylon post, quick set, cymbolt, or even just the threaded post.
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    AED 106.05
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    -BFBR has 6 sets of Tambourine Jingles to give any HiHat or Cymbal a Sizzle/Trashy sound. The BFBR is make from super light weight plastic so you're hearing the tambourine jingles loud and clear.
    AED 67.10
    AED 74.55
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    Engineered to effortlessly transform any snare drum into your very own vintage, beefy, thumpy 70’s-inspired BIG FAT SNARE DRUM.<br><br> Unlike gels and tape, it lowers the fundamental pitch of the drum without any of the hassle. The custom blend of patent pending rubber and plastic instantly face-lifts your medium to high-pitched tuned snare drum and delivers that sought after, authentic, deep & warm tone we all know & love.
    AED 132.30
    AED 147.00