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    The AXIS X line of pedals has been designed for the road. There is no cutting corners on this pedal. Like the world famous AXIS A, the X is strong and durable. All parts are machined of structural grade aircraft aluminum and steel and the popular wide foot board design has been given a new brushed aluminum finish. You won’t find inferior cast parts on this pedal.<br><br>The AXIS X is a real workhorse. This is a pedal for the drummer who is comfortable with most of today’s popular chain drive pedals but would like to have more power and control. The improved performance is due in part to the use of multiple ball bearings, improved heel design and the power of direct pull linkage.<br><br>A “self-centering” spring assembly allows for easy pedal board adjustments. Standard on all AXIS X pedals is the new and improved extended hex axle. This new innovation makes it possible to turn any 2 single X pedals into a double pedal by simply attaching the new AX-2CK Double Conversion Kit.<br><br>STRAP ASSEMBLY – featured on all AXIS X series.<br><br>The fixed-point strap assembly differentiates the X pedal from the A series. Perfect for the player who doesn’t want to be concerned with anything more than perfect performance.
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  • Pearl’s original PowerShifter Eliminator was a giant leap ahead in bass drum pedals. The world’s only pedal featuring the patented Interchangeable Cam System, Eliminator’s virtually unlimited tunability lets the player lock in totally personalized feel, power and speed. The Eliminator: Redline is the next step forward. Like having four pedals in one, Redline fuses the stunning power and flexibility of the original Eliminator with the fluid speed of our Demon series pedals. With a host of radical improvements, Eliminator:Redline helps unlock perfect feel by locking in a cam, further pushing the boundaries of bass drum performance
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  • Pearl changed the game with the introduction of the Eliminator Demon Drive Pedal in 2009. Now, Pearl introduces the P-930 bass drum pedal. Featuring the industry leading characteristics of the award winning Demon Drive pedals, the P-930 is a wonderful addition to the Demon Drive family.
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  • Pearl brings its award-winning pedal design and performance innovations to players everywhere in the affordable P920 PowerShifter. This single bass pedal features an Eliminator-style hinged footboard and DuoBeater dual-surface, Control Core beater for speed, comfort, and either classic or contemporary kick tones.<br><br>Pearl's streamlined single-chain design drives either of two interchangeable cams: choose the Perfect Circle Cam for a linear, more traditional response, or the Eliminator-style Eccentric Cam for greater acceleration as you approach the head. Adjustable spring tension lets drummers further dial in their preferred response. FrictionLess spring rollers reduce resistance and extend pedal life, while a bottom footplate with adjustable hoop clamp aids in stability.
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  • World-Class Pro Double Pedal With Chain Drive -Interchangeable Cam Drive System Offers Customized Action w/ Four Included Cams-Powershifter Adjustment Gives Three Options For Overall Pedal Feel-Quad-Beater Offers Varying Playing And Sound Options-Traction-
    AED 2,877.00

  • Double Kick Drum Pedal with Convertible Footboards, Z-Link and Ninja Bearings for Ultra-smooth Action - Left-handed Pearl's P-3002DL Demon Drive double kick pedal is a favorite with drummers thanks to its unparalleled smoothness. Using Ninja bearings designed for skateboards, the Demon Drive has amazingly low friction, You can tailor the feel of the Demon Drive to match your playing style. You can convert this pedal from a shortboard to a longboard via four screws under the footplate, letting you choose between finesse and power. To help you transport your kick pedal to and from gigs, the P-3002DL Demon Drive comes with a carry case. <br>Features:<br> <br>Left-handed double kick pedal <br>Z-Link U-Joints on the double pedal driveshaft <br>Ninja skateboard bearings for ultra-smooth feel <br>Converts quickly from shortboard to longboard for your choice of feel <br>2 beater positions for a light or heavy feel <br>Fully adjustable Aluminum Traction Dots to vary the amount of slip or grip <br>Control Core Felt beater with anti-vibration elastomer core <br>Comes standard with a carry case
    AED 2,877.00

  • The Pearl Demon Drive offers unparalleled smoothness unlike anything else on the market right now because the smoothness and speed is achieved through the use of ultra-precise components. Self-aligning spherical bearings are used to insure the footboard and Direct Link Drive are always in perfect alignment, zero-latency Z-Link U-Joints on the double pedal driveshaft and special super high speed Ninja bearings on the axles all work in perfect sync to create the smoothest and fastest pedal on the planet. This is not a complete double pedal. This is a conversion kit to expand your pre-existing single pedal into a double pedal.
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    POWER, DIRECT RESPONSE AND ADJUSTABILITY<br><br>The A21 pedals have all the performance features of the Axis pedals with increased magnitude. The A21 was designed to accelerate the beater into the bass drum with greater force and velocity, and to incorporate the Variable Drive Lever for greater adjustability.<br><br>The 21 degree power forward beater angle has been integrated into the beater bracket maximizes the beater impact. The Variable Drive Lever settings farther forward produce a deeper footboard travel (more power), while settings aft ward result in increased speed.
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    The legendary AXIS A stretched to new levels of performance, leverage and power. Includes SONIC HAMMER and heavy-duty spring.<br><br>The patented variable drive lever allows the player to obtain the feel of any type of pedal with one simple adjustment. The new “Beater Forward” design substantially increases the power of the AXIS A without making it feel heavier, resulting in an increase of both speed and punch from both heel-up and heel-down players. The Variable Drive Lever changes the ratio of the footboard movement to the arc of the beater.
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  • Single-chain Drive Double Kick Pedal with Infinitely Adjustable Beater Angle, PowerShfit Longboard, and Dual Surface Beater <br>Pearl's P932 kick drum pedal allows drummers to afford a quality Pearl double kick pedal that you can tailor to your playing style. This single-chain double kick pedal is equipped with an aluminum die-cast wheel for smooth feel and consistent power - perfect for any style of music! Pearl's patented PowerShifter longboards lets you adjust the feel and power of the pedal to your liking, as does the infinitely adjustable beater angles. A frictionless roller gives this doulbe kick pedal an incredibly smooth feel, and the included Dual Surface beaters offer two distinct sounds. <br> <br> Features:<br> <br>Smooth-playing, single-chain double kick drum pedal <br>Infinitely adjustable beater lets you dial in the perfect feel and punch <br>Dual Surface beater offer sonic options <br>Adjustable PowerShifter longboard adjusts feel and power-
    AED 1,029.00