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Representing the history and future of guitars, Cordoba was founded in 1997 and have since remained leaders in nylon-string guitars.

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    Buy Cordoba Digital Hygro Thermometer HumiCase Melody House
    Accurately monitor the climate surrounding your guitar with the HumiCase Digital hygro-thermometer. It measures both temperature and relative humidity, and records the maximum and minimum levels of each to provide visibility of these levels over several hours. Compact size (2.25”w, 1.75”t, .8”d) fits in guitar case or sits on flat surface with built in kick-stand.
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    Buy Cordoba Guilele CE Acoustic Electric Guitar Ukulele Melody House
    Introducing the groundbreaking Guilele from Cordoba! A crossover instrument with the size, sound, and feel of a tenor ukulele but with six strings, tuned just like a guitar, only higher*. <BR> <BR>This small six string is light, portable and a great travel option for guitarists on the go. It’s also a fantastic instrument for the ukulele player looking to explore the guitar, or for the adventurous guitarist searching for new sonic territory. <BR>The Guilele and Guilele CE are built with a solid spruce top, mahogany back and sides, a rosewood fingerboard, and a natural satin finish. The Guilele CE features an active two-band EQ undersaddle piezo pickup system, and a cutaway for added upper register access. *The Cordoba Guilele is designed to be tuned up a 4th from standard guitar tuning (same as a guitar with a capo at the 5th fret – A D G C E A – low to high), in the register of a traditional ukulele. Because the scale length of the Guilele is so much shorter than a guitar, standard E guitar tuning is not possible on this particular instrument, even with an alternate set of strings
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    Buy Cordoba Solista SP Acoustic Guitar Melody House
    The Solista is handmade in Spain and features premium all-solid tone woods—choose between a Canadian cedar or European spruce top and Indian rosewood sides. The Solista's solid Indian rosewood back features a stunning, elegant binding accent that shows added attention to detail. The Solista features a Spanish cedar neck and smooth ebony fingerboard.
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    Buy Cordoba Cuatro Ukulele Melody House
    The Cuatro is a Venezuelan instrument. Most players strum the instrument (the reason for the tap plate built seamlessly on the upper bout), and the Cuatro’s sound tends to serve as a rhythmic and harmonic base. Popular for its simplistic design and its compact size (20.5″ or 521mm scale length), the Cuatro is a versatile instrument fit for all styles and varieties of music. Cordoba’s Cuatro is made with a solid Spruce top, mahogany back and sides and a mahogany tap plate.
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    Buy Cordoba Baritone Ukelele Polyfoam Melody House
    Lightweight polyfoam core with 600D Polyester exterior. Includes shoulder strap and storage pouch. Available in soprano, concert, tenor and baritone ukulele sizes. The baritone size is compatible with the Cordoba Mini!
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    Buy Cordoba OPENBOX 02389 Nylon string Guitar Solid European S Melody House
    *** OPENBOX *** <br> The neck of this Guitar was separated from the body but our amazing inhouse luthier attached back to the body and now is ready to play and enjoy as a new guitar.<br> The FCWE was Cordoba’s first thinbody cutaway electric guitar, first released in the late 1990s. The FCWE is handmade in Spain with a solid European spruce top and solid Spanish cypress back and sides. With its Fishman Prefix ProBlend onboard electronics with 3-band EQ and built-in microphone, the FCWE is stage-ready, and its thinbody design helps reduce feedback when the guitar is amplified at high volumes. With low action and little relief in the neck, this guitar offers substantial comfort and ease of playability. The FCWE’s thinbody design and all-solid construction make it the perfect choice for exploring the nuances in sound that can only be captured with nylon strings, and bringing them to the stage. Like every Cordoba guitar, this model also has a two-way truss rod built into the neck. Other premium features include a Spanish cedar neck, ebony fingerboard, Indian rosewood binding and bridge, a clear flamenco-style tap plate, and Savarez Cristal Corum strings. Includes a custom HumiCase Thinbody Protégé case.
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