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    Buy Conn Selmer B470R Student Baritone Bb Melody House

    Ideal for the beginning band program. This baritone is designed to start the student right with a quick and easy response.<br><br>FEATURES<br> Ideal for the beginning band program, this baritone is designed to start the student right with a quick and easy response. Three top action stainless steel pistons create a long life for the valve section. Rose brass leadpipe resists corrosion.<br><br>TECH SPECS<br> Holton "Collegiate" - Key of Bb, .563" bore, 3 valve top action, 10" upright bell, rose brass mouthpipe, stainless steel pistons, clear lacquer finish, Holton 6-1/2AL tenor trombone mouthpiece, molded plastic shell case.
    AED 6,495.59
    AED 9,993.22
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    Buy Conn Selmer Holton USA F Single French Horn Melody House

    The Holton H602 Plays Very Much Like The F Side Of The Farkas H178. It Has A Bright, Compact Feel With An Excellent Center, Focus And Projection. Its Sound Is Dark, But With A Singing Tone And Excellent Legato Characteristics. An Ideal Student Horn.<br><br>FEATURES:<br>Key F. Pitch A445.<br> Bore 11.89Mm (.468").<br> Mouthpipe .310 Venturi, Yellow Brass.<br> Lever Action Noiseless Sting Action, Short Stroke With Stainless Steel Springs.<br> Valve Rotors Tapered Hand-Lapped Brass.<br> Bearing Plate Tapered Brass.<br> Slide Both Inside And Outside Are Nickel Silver.<br> Bell 12.25" Diameter Large-Throated Nickel Silver.<br> Brass Branches And Crooks With Solid Nickel Silver Connecting Ferrules.
    AED 6,763.09
    AED 10,404.76
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    Buy Conn Selmer TB650 Melody House

    The Bach TB650 Children's Trombone features a stunning clear lacquer finish, nickel silver outer slide, and hard chrome-plated nickel silver inner slides. The clear lacquer finish makes this trombone look very professional along side the yellow brass bell. This outfit includes a case with rucksack straps, Vincent Bach mouthpiece, and slide grease.
    AED 2,861.31
    AED 3,366.25
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    Buy Conn Selmer BACH Bb Trumpet Melody House

    The Bach TR650 Bb Trumpet comes with a stunning clear lacquered finish. This instrument achieves high quality construction, playability and intonation. Ideal for an avid learner this trumpet is affordable but has high quality mechanisms and materials you’d expect from a high-end instrument<br><br>FEATURES<br> Two water keys<br> Tuning: Bb<br> Bore: ML 11,66 mm (0,459")<br> Bell material: Brass<br> Mouthpiece material: Gold brass<br> Material Crook: Brass<br> Outer slides: Nickel silver<br> Mouthpiece: Original Bach 7C<br> Finish: High gloss finish<br> Bell diameter: 119 mm (4,75")<br> Valve: Pump valves<br> Valves: Stainless steel<br> Slide: 1st slide saddle<br> 3rd Slide: adjustable finger ring<br> Case / Gigbag: light bag with backpack straps
    AED 1,749.08
    AED 2,057.74
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    Buy Conn Selmer CR651 Melody House

    Always wanted to learn the cornet? With the Bach CR651 Bb cornet in clear lacquer, you now can - without breaking the bank! Boasting a fantastic build quality and a brilliant finish, the Bach CR651 cornet offers everything that a beginner needs.<br><br> Bach are part of Vincent Bach Instruments - the company that makes the world-famous Stradivarius trumpets. So you know this cornet is built to last. Unlike other cornets at this price, the Bach CR651 has a rose brass leadpipe to ensure you can always achieve a smooth sound and rounded sound.<br><br> Thanks to the fantastic build quality and appealing price, the Bach CR651 cornet is a fantastic instrument that is perfectly suited for both schools and brass bands alike. And to make sure you can get practising straight away, the Bach cornet comes with a back-pack style case and mouthpiece.
    AED 2,063.02
    AED 2,427.08
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    Buy Conn Selmer EP655 Melody House

    The Conn EP655 Student Euphonium is the ideal instrument for advancing musicians in need of a high-quality instrument. Similar to professional euphoniums, the Conn EP655 features a gold brass leadpipe which produces a rich and beautiful tone. The fourth valve section features a larger bore compared to the rest of the instrument which helps with low intonation and note production. All the outer slides on the Conn euphonium are made from nickel silver which is stronger and more resistant to corrosion compared to yellow brass. The Conn EP655 euphonium includes a lightweight case, mouthpiece and valve oil so you can start practising straight away.
    AED 4,601.42
    AED 5,413.43
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    Buy Conn Selmer HR650B Melody House

    B junior horn. Features: Brass bell 11'' = 280mm. Gold brass leadpipe. Nickel silver outer slides. Mechanical linkage with metal ball joints. Adjustable finger hook. Adjustable hand rest (Flipper). Lacquered finish. Accessories: Light weight form-shaped case with rucksack assembly.
    AED 2,367.98
    AED 2,785.86
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    Buy Conn Selmer HR650F Melody House

    This single horn in Bb offers beginning students an opportunity to learn the Bb side of the horn before advancing on to a double horn.<br><br> An easy-blowing and responsive single horn, the Collegiate model H650 allows clean execution of notes due to its smaller taper in the mouthpipe and venturi and its short-stroke rotary valve action. A fine horn for introductory students.<br><br> Key of Bb. .468″ bore with a 12.25″ small throat bell offers a very centered pitch for beginner players.
    AED 2,493.56
    AED 2,933.60
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    Buy Conn Selmer BB450 BBb Tuba Melody House

    AED 15,002.93
    AED 17,650.50
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    Buy Conn Selmer Bach Stradivarius Commercial BbTrumpet Bronze Melody House

    No other brand evokes more passion, loyalty, and respect than Bach Stradivarius. Exceptional tonal color, balanced response, and superb projection are the hallmarks of designs by Vincent Bach. Carrying on the legacy and true to the vision of the master craftsman, the makers of today's Bach Stradivarius proudly introduce the Artisan Collection. Skillfully handcrafted, Artisan culminates in a unique blend of classic design, elegant styling, and the signature Bach sound. Whether a passionate enthusiast or performing artist, experience The Artisan Collection and discover the Artisan within. "Stradivarius" - 190 Series - Key of Bb, .459" ML bore, lightweight body, lightweight one-piece hand-hammered #1 bronze bell with 5" French-style bell rim, two-piece valve construction with brass valves and bronze ballusters, standard construction modified #43 leadpipe, Monel pistons, 1st slide thumb ring, lightweight brass outer and lightweight nickel-silver inner valve slide tubes, forward facing 2nd valve slide, crescent-shaped valve pul knobs, two main tuning slides standard - "D" shape and single radius, clear lacquer finish.
    AED 13,342.88
    AED 15,697.50
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    Buy GEWA Bb Trumpet Roy Benson TR 101 Melody House

    Pure Gewa BB-Trumpet Roy Benson TR-101
    AED 731.85
    AED 861.00
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    Buy GEWA Bb Tenor Trombone Roy Benson TT 227 Melody House

    12,7 mm bore> <br> 8" Yellow brass bell <br> Nickel silver outer slides <br> Hard chrome-plated nickel silver inner slides <br> Lacquered finish <br> Light weight form shaped case with rucksack assembly <br> Weight approx. 1,5 kg
    AED 1,044.23
    AED 1,228.50
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    Buy GEWA  EP 301 Roy Benson Bb Euphonium Melody House

    14,5 - 16,8 mm bore<br> Yellow brass body<br> Bell Ø 28 cm<br> Gold brass leadpipe<br> Nickel silver outer slides<br> 3 top-action valves<br> Stainless steel pistons<br> Lacquered finish<br> Light weight form shaped case with rucksack assembly<br> Weight approx. 3,5 kg
    AED 2,490.08
    AED 2,929.50
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    Buy Conn Selmer TB600 Tenor Trombone Melody House

    Bach "Aristocrat" - .509" bore, 8" bell, clear lacquer, Bach 350-12C mouthpiece, 50882 case
    AED 2,924.10
    AED 3,440.12