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  • The Conn AS650 Alto Saxophone is an ideal saxophone for the student musician. The fully brass body and keys produce classic warm, clear tones with the ability to project a loud volume. The alto size offers a balanced tone with full sounding bass and mids. The Pisoni pads provide the AS650 with an expressive feel and a reliable motion. This model benefits from an adjustable metal thumb hook for a more comfortable feel, and has a curved neck for an easier reach. The gold lacquer finish is a smart aesthetic, and an included case keeps your saxophone protected whilst going to gigs, lessons and more.
    AED 3,612.00
    AED 3,727.50
  • This Alto Saxophone is one of the best starter instruments, featuring a great sound and intonation that is expected from instruments of a much higher price tag. As well as that, the Prelude AS710 Saxophone includes a free gig bag, mouthpiece and extras. Conn-Selmer instrument has been hailed as a fantastic beginners alto sax, which could be suitable for performers up to a grade 6 standard. It boasts great intonation, a fantastic sound and a really competitive price tag, making it a brilliant choice as a first instrument, which will last a long time before a step up instrument is required.
    AED 3,559.50

  • 14,5 - 16,8 mm bore<br> Yellow brass body<br> Bell Ø 28 cm<br> Gold brass leadpipe<br> Nickel silver outer slides<br> 3 top-action valves<br> Stainless steel pistons<br> Lacquered finish<br> Light weight form shaped case with rucksack assembly<br> Weight approx. 3,5 kg
    AED 3,402.00

  • The Conn SS650 Soprano Saxophone has a comfortable playability that's ideal for the developing student musician. The brass body produces authentic tones with clarity and high frequency brightness. The soprano size is ideal for students and younger players who require a more comfortable shape and easier reach. This model features a straight neck design and is ideal for jazz styles. The SS650 is in Bb tuning and ranges to high F#. The gold lacquer is a smart finish whilst the white pearloid buttons give the saxophone a detailed aesthetic. This model includes a lightweight bag for optimum portability, and a Conn mouthpiece setup for outstanding playability straight out the box.
    AED 3,360.00
    AED 3,465.00
  • The Bach TR300H2S Bb Trumpet is made in the USA using nothing but the highest quality materials. It offers a .459" bore with a responsive 4-7/8" seamless bell for easy projection and control. The 1st valve thumb saddle makes for easy intonation adjustments. The silver-plate finish provides a controlled brilliance to the overall sound. The TR300H2S is a well designed durable instrument perfect for the beginning student and is well suited for all types of music.
    AED 3,181.50

  • Alto-Saxophon for children<br> Keys adjusted to children hands<br> Suitable for children due to new neck shape<br> Brass body, brass keys<br> C#-Bb connected table key<br> Lacquered finish<br> Mouthpiece with ligature and cap<br> With cleaning cloth and harness carrying strap<br> Light rectangular case with rucksack assembly<br> Weight approx. 2,5 kg<br>
    AED 2,656.50

  • Finish: Clear Lacquered<br> Outer Slide: Nickel Silver<br> Inner Slide: Chrome-Plated Nickel Silver<br> Bore Size: 12.7 mm<br> Bell Diameter: 203 mm (8" )<br> Bell: Yellow Brass<br> Key: Bb<br> Included Accessories: Case with Rucksack Back Straps + Original Vincent Bach 12C Mouthpiece + Slide Grease
    AED 2,226.00
    AED 2,299.50
  • The TB710 Prelude Trombone from Bach is an Improved, updated Prelude model based on the extremely popular 700 series. The TB710 Features a distinctive good quality backpack style case supplied with Vincent Bach mouthpiece. the Prelude trombone features a balanced design that enables a comfortable instrument position for the younger player. The .509 medium bore is designed for ease of tone production while allowing for proper embouchure development. The Prelude series was designed as an affordable option for beginning band students. This range of entry-level instruments combines value and performance.
    AED 2,121.00

  • Two water keys<br> Tuning: Bb<br> Bore: ML 11,66 mm (0,459")<br> Bell material: Brass<br> Mouthpiece material: Gold brass<br> Material Crook: Brass<br> Outer slides: Nickel silver<br> Mouthpiece: Original Bach 7C<br> Finish: High gloss finish<br> Bell diameter: 119 mm (4,75")<br> Valve: Pump valves<br> Valves: Stainless steel<br> Slide: 1st slide saddle<br> 3rd Slide: adjustable finger ring<br> Case / Gigbag: light bag with backpack straps
    AED 2,089.50
    AED 2,163.00
  • Student Cornets - Shepherd's Crook, Prelude by Bach- Bb, .459" bore, shepherd's crook design, yellow brass bell, red brass leadpipe, brass inner and outer slides, stainless steel nickel pistons, 1st slide thumb hook, Vincent Bach 349 -7C mouthpiece
    AED 1,711.50

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  • 12,7 mm bore> <br> 8" Yellow brass bell <br> Nickel silver outer slides <br> Hard chrome-plated nickel silver inner slides <br> Lacquered finish <br> Light weight form shaped case with rucksack assembly <br> Weight approx. 1,5 kg
    AED 1,491.00

  • AED 10,353.00