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From their humble beginnings back in the late 60's which through time Morley has grown into one of the most popular and requested pedals to use to date.

  • A switchable, Optical Wah with Vintage Wah Tone. Boost knob allows up to 20dB of boost in Wah mode. Buffer Circuit prevents signal loss and maintains tone. Silent switching prevents any switch “pop” getting to amp. Great for pedal boards at 7” L x 4.5” W x 2.75” H. Powers from one 9V battery or optional Morley adapter.
    AED 580.39

  • A switchable, combination Optical Wah and Volume pedal. Boost knob allows up to 20dB of boost in Wah mode. Volume mode offers a smooth audio taper gre at for volume swells or straight volume control. Buffer Circuit prevents signal loss and maintains tone. Silent switching prevents any switch “pop” getting to amp.
    AED 685.91

  • Limited Edition of Kiko’s version of our mini Switchless Wah. Our world famous Electro-Optical circuitry and switchless design in this cool new mini-format. Simply step on pedal to engage Wah and step off to go to bypass. Equipped with our custom MQ2 Inductor and TrueTone Buffer circuit, the Mini Kiko is set for Kiko’s preferred Wah tone and sweep and decked out in Brazilian colors and graphics.
    AED 991.94

  • Armed with Morley’s acclaimed MQ2 inductor, the Mini Classic Switchless Wah delivers classic wah-wah tone with a wide, smooth sweep that sounds good in a broad range of applications. What’s more, it avoids scratchy pots, thanks to Morley's famous electro-optical design. Operating the Mini Classic Switchless Wah is child’s play, thanks to its switch-less design — just step on the treadle to engage and off to bypass. This pedal’s rugged cold-rolled steel housing is built to withstand heavy (ab)use, and its LED indicator and quick-clip battery door are infinitely useful. Beyond that, its True Tone Bypass buffer ensures zero tone loss. Best of all, the Morley Mini Classic Switchless Wah gives you this pro-level performance at an entry-level price!
    AED 464.31

  • The Guitar God’s legendary, signature Wah now available in a convenient size. Decorated with Vai’s original artwork this beauty not only saves valuable space on your board, but also brightens it up. This eye candy wonder Wah is limited to 500 pieces worldwide.<br>-Engineered to save space on your board; 6.85″ x 4.5″ x 2.5″ (L x W x H)<br>-Switchless operation; Simply step on the treadle to engage the Wah and step off to bypass.<br>-Our world famous Electro-Optical design. No pots to wear out!Our world famous Electro-Optical design. No pots to wear out!<br>-True Tone Bypass buffer circuit ensures pure guitar tone and output.<br>-Glow-in-the-dark treadle rubber and Morley logo.<br>-Powered by one 9-volt battery or optional Morley 9V adapter. Compatible with most 9V adapters.<br>-Works with Guitar, Bass or Keys!
    AED 1,002.49

  • Born to obey the demanding boots of no other than guitar god Steve Vai – a guitar virtuoso and a true tone aficionado. This second version of the Bad Horsie adds a second Wah mode (Contour Wah). In contour Wah mode, two knobs, Contour and Level allow you to tweak the loudness and frequency of the Wah. You can switch between the Contour and Bad Horsie modes easily on the fly with a footswitch. A Bad Horsie and then some.
    AED 659.53

  • The Ebtech GLW2 George Lynch Dragon 2 Wah Pedal is ideal for guitar, bass and keyboards. The GLW2 features three Wah modes: Wah (traditional), Wow (bit of overdrive with unique vowel-like tone) and Wah Lock (allows user to electronically lock the Wah in Wah mode). A Notch knob lets musicians dial the desired Wah frequency. The pedal features a ninja-red and black trim finish, and graphic treadle rubber.
    AED 526.58

  • Limited Edition mini version of George’s signature Wah: Electro-Optical Wah with THREE Wah modes: Wah (traditional), Wow (bit of overdrive with unique vowel-like tone) and Wah Lock (allows you to electronically lock the Wah in Wah mode).
    AED 1,002.49

  • A great-sounding volume pedal, a classic-sounding wah pedal, and a whole lot of extra room on your pedalboard. That's what you get with the Morley Mini Power Wah Volume pedal. With all of the classic tone and convenience of the full size version, this mini pedal puts it in a package that allows you to fit more pedals into your rig. And it's equipped with Morley's custom HQ2 inductor, Electro-optical circuitry, and Cold Rolled Steel Housing for rock-solid operation.
    AED 526.58

  • Intended for use with electric guitars, basses, and keyboards, the M2VO Passive Volume Pedal from Morley is a volume pedal requiring no power to run whatsoever. Its smooth taper and volume-controlling monofilament cable will allow you to effect fluid swells, gradual fades, or conversely, immediate changes in level.
    AED 379.89

  • The Ebtech Mark 1 - Mark Tremonti Power Wah Pedal incorporates Morley's world famous Electro-Optical circuitry and switchless design, and a Boost knob that allows a full 20dB of Wah gain to cut through the mix. The Wah tone is the perfect hybrid of a traditional and modern Wah, voiced to Mark's preferred frequency & sweep controls. Clear-Tone buffer circuitry translates your guitar's personality and tone, while maintaining full output. Roadworthy housing is dressed up with Diamond Plate foot-pad for no slip Wah action.
    AED 526.58

  • Mini version of Morley Volume Plus measuring 6.8” L x 4.5” W x 2.75” H. Electro-Optical circuitry and audio taper allow smooth, studio quiet volume control. Foot switchable Minimum Volume is used for a smooth transition between rhythm and lead volumes. Powers from one 9V battery or optional Morley adapter. Glow in the dark treadle rubber and toe-end logo, LED Indication, cold-rolled steel housing, quick clip battery door and one-year warranty.
    AED 526.58

  • The Little Alligator Volume was designed specifically for Steve Vai’s needs and preference. The volume swell is linear and smooth, and it works equally well in an FX loop setup as it does going directly into the main input on a guitar amp.
    AED 395.72

  • Classic Wah sound sharing a space with dedicated Volume control. Our custom MQ2 inductor ensures a super clean tone and the electro-optical design has eliminated the need for having pots that may wear out and get scratchy. Duality at its absolute finest!
    AED 526.58

  • With a Morley ABY MIX, you can combine, split, rout, and A/B your guitars signal, adding amazing depth and dimension to your sound. Plug in two guitars and run them to the same amp, or plug two guitars into the ABY MIX and run both to a pair of amps. Toggle each output individually, and use the ABY MIX as a fully discrete effects loop selector, running your distortion on one output path and your time-based effects on the other. Thanks to its separate input volume controls, you can also use your ABY MIX as a summing mixer.
    AED 501.25

  • Regulated adapters to ensure noise free power and minimize the circuitry in our pedals. This gives our pedals more efficient noise free power and also prolongs battery life.<br><br>Compatible with most popular pedal brands.<br><br>9VDC 300 mA Regulated Power Supply
    AED 85.05

  • It's been more than 30 years since "For Whom the Bell Tolls" debuted, and this is still Morley's most frequently asked question. Bassist Cliff Burton left an indelible mark on Metallica's early records and the music community at large. And today, thanks to help from the guys in Metallica and Cliff's father Ray, the Morley Tribute Cliff Burton Power Fuzz Wah delivers Cliff's sonic signature to players everywhere: a combination wah/fuzz that is perfect for aggressive bass guitar, yet versatile enough for stoner-rock guitars to funky electric pianos. This pedal is based on the original Tel-Ray/Morley Power Wah Fuzz Cliff loved, yet makes some important modern updates: like the option to power with a battery or wall adapter, and independent controls for each effect.
    AED 526.58