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New Brand In The House | Wincent Drumsticks

The latest addition to Melody House in 2020

Swedish company 'Wincent Drumsticks' is finally coming to Dubai, offering one of the highest quality drumsticks in the market. Using only the finest USA Hickory and Maple wood and going through vigorous tests to ensure only the best quality in all drummers hands.

Known and used by some of the biggest drummers in Rock Music today, such as; Mikkey Dee - Motorhead/Scorpions, Daniel Erlandsson - Arch Enemy and Tomoya - One Ok Rock.

With a mixture of standard, rods, brushes and signature drumsticks, here's a little run through of some Wincent Drumsticks.

7A Series

7A -

Perfect for lighter playing. Excellent cymbal sounds. 

Tip: Acorn

Wood: Hickory (Natural/White/Black) and Maple (Natural)

Size: 15.6x.54

7AXL - Similar to 7A but with a greater reach

Tip: Acorn

Wood: Hickory (Natural)

Size: 16x.54

5A Series

5A - Light and fast playing. Well balanced.

Tip: Acorn

Wood: Hickory (Natural/White/Black), Maple (Natural)

Size: 16x.56

5ART - Light and fast playing. Well balanced.

Tip: Round

Size: 16x.56

55F Series

55F - Fast response and great balance. 

Tip: Acorn (Thickness in between a 5A and a 5B)

Wood: Hickory (Natural)

Size: 16x.58

Signature Series 

Daniel Erlandsson (Arch Enemy) - Based on 55FXL but with his own printed logo. 

Sized between 5AXL  and 5BXL for extra reach.

Wood: Hickory

Size: 16.5 x .58

Mikkey Dee (Motorhead/Scorpions) - Based on 2B, thick body, teardrop style and sturdy. 

UWP Treated (Unique Wax Protection)

Wood: Hickory

Size: 16.1x.62