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New Brand in the House | Tech21

Well known guitar Pedals & Effects brand, 'Tech21' is now available in Melody House.

Known and used by various well-known musicians whom are still active in the music scene, Tech 21 strives to offer user-friendly, useful and multi-functional products.

Richie Kotzen RK5 Signature Fly Rig (V2) | Overdrive

Developed closely in collaboration with Richie Kotzen, an acclaimed guitarist known for both; his part in bands like (Poison, Mr.Big and The Winery Dogs) and his solo work. Whilst collaborating with Tech 21 Richie gave valuable input for his signature Fly Rig, paying close attention to all the details on the new RK5 v2 and adding various new effects to give it that special upgrade.


  1. Boost 

  2. Compressor 

  3. Overdrive

  4. Fuzz

  5. Sansamp

  6. Reverb

  7. Delay 

  8. Rotary

Geddy Lee Signature SansAmp | Bass Pre-Amp Pedal

Partnering up with Tech21, Geddy Lee, known from the famous band Rush back in the 80's decided to simplify his gear for all new and future projects. Designing a compact and portable rackmount SansAmp in the format of a pedal and offering everyone the opportunity to use Geddy's well known sound and versatility.