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Legendary EHX Guitar Pedals

Electro-Harmonix Pedals that you should keep your eye on!

1. Synth 9 | Synthesizer Machine

Named Music & Sound Retailer's Magazine Best Effect Pedal of 2017!

The Synth 9 will transform your guitar or bass giving you the most reminiscent and sought after vintage synthesizer sounds through 9 presets, taking you straight back to the 70's and 80's.



  1. OBX

  2. Profit V

  3. Vibe Synth

  4. Mini Mood

  5. EHX Mini

  6. Solo Synth

  7. Mood Bass

  8. String Synth

  9. Poly VI

2. Nano Battalion | Bass PreAmp& Overdrive


Providing an all-analog circuitry with amazing arrays of bass tones in a compact sturdy package. With its versatile MOSFET drive that can give you exactly what you want, from subtle, light to even fully saturated distortion.

3. Oceans 11 | Reverb

Named Music & Sound Retailer's Magazine Best Effect Pedal of 2018!


Being one of Electro-Harmonix's recent releases, Oceans 11 has a lot to offer! Not only is it compact with 11 reverb styles to choose from but, also affordable.

Reverbs from Essential to Exotic;

Hall- Characteristic of a Grand Concert Hall

Spring- Homage to Vintage Fender tube reverbs

Plate- Lush Plate Reverb

Revrs- Reverse Reverb Effect (reverb fades-in backwards)

Echo- Both Reverb & Delay

Trem- Both Reverb & Tremolo

Mod- Modulated Reverb

Dyna- 3 Dynamic Reverb algorithms; swell, gate & duck

Auto-Inf - Auto Infinte Reverb

Shim- Shimmer generates a rich octave-shifted reverb wash

Poly- Polyphonic Reverb

4. 95000 | Performance Loop Laboratory


Being one of the most advanced loopers to date, the 95000 features 6 mono tracks and a stereo mix down track. Recording up to 375 minutes and 100 loops, including a 16GB Micro SD Card. Switching between loops has never been easier.