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Emirates Lit Fest 2020

How is music involved with literature you ask? Well in reality music contributes a lot towards a writer's concentration and inspiration.

Every writer has their own preferences when it comes to their art form, from the sound of silence, classical music, nature, the bustling sound of a busy cafe or even a pop/rock song, a writer can draw inspiration through the form of 'Zoning Out' (no distractions from the outside world). This helps writers in many ways, from developing their storyline along with building their characters personality and backstory from what can be heard.

Melody House is proud to have supported the Emirates Literature Festival which took place on February 4th - 9th. A festival created for all book lovers, aspiring authors and all children to come together and interact with highly recognized authors and seek inspiration from their surroundings.

Seeking to inspire and educate all age groups whilst emphasising on the importance of music in everyday life, from playing an instrument or simply listening to music. We, at Melody House offer our services to all schools and institutions who are in search to give their students an opportunity to try out instruments and in the process open new doors for every individual.

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