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tuners & metronomes

  • AED 85.05

  • The Cordoba Clip-On Digital Tuner can detect pitch in a noisy environment through its vibration sensitive clip. It comes with chromatic, guitar, and bass settings. The tuner fits in any case, making it suitable for travel. In addition, it is also equipped with a color display.
    AED 53.55

  • Thee NS Micro Violin Tuner features an easy-to-read, multi-color display and visual metronome in an attractive compact design. A non-marring, lever-lock clamp holds the tuner securely to the instrument while allowing easy application and removal. The precision violin tuner is not only perfect for tuning, the unique mounting system and fast pitch response allow it to be used as an effective practice tool for referencing and improving intonation while playing.<br> D'Addario electronic tuners are designed by musicians for musicians featuring intuitive features, easy-to-read displays and exceptional tuning accuracy.<br>
    AED 157.50

  • An essential practice tool with tuner capable of diverse time divisions for both the beginning, and advanced musician.<br><br> The Planet Waves PW-MT-02 Metronome Tuner is an essential practice tool for both the beginning, and advanced musician. The full featured metronome includes loud woodblock tone, tempo, beats per measure, and time division variations making basic and complicated rhythm patterns possible. The chromatic tuner features an easy-to-read needle meter style display. Additionally, a pitch pipe and easy-to-navigate menu make the Metronome Tuner your essential, all- in-one, easy-to-use practice tool.
    AED 147.00

  • AED 106.05

  • Supports 7-string, baritone and 6-string guitars plus 4-, 5- and 6-string basses Precision LCD needle meter with easy to see sharp/flat (red) and in-tune (green) LEDs above the LCD display Tunes down to five (5) semitones flat / Built-in mic for tuning acoustic instruments Generates reference tones for tuning by ear Tilt-back slot allows you to tilt the tuner using a card
    AED 106.05

  • The Planet Waves PW-MT-01 Metronome is a fundamental practice and performance tool for musicians of all skill levels. This full featured Metronome emits a high volume wood block tone. Tempo, beats per measure and time division feature allow for both simple and complex rhythm possibilities. The convenient pocket size design fits easily into any case or gig bag allowing perfect timing anywhere, and everywhere.
    AED 106.05