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Live sound systems have more uses in everyday life than you can think of. You would be surprised – literally, from school announcements to music events to places of worship to conference rooms to sports events. A live sound speaker system, also formally called sound reinforcement system, is a combination of different equipment such as mics, amplifiers, signal processors, and of course, loudspeakers, the sole purpose of which is to make the live or pre-recorded sounds louder and distribute them over a wide area to a large audience. In some cases, live sound systems are also used to enhance or even modify the sound on stage with the help of electronic effects. As wide as their usage is in daily life, so is the range in which these live speaker systems are available in the market. There is an overwhelming number of products available which makes it necessary to know exactly what your event requirements are.
Speaker Selection
You need to choose your speakers depending on the size of the venue and the coverage requirements of the event. If the event is to be held in, let’s say, a hall, then the shape and dynamics of the room are also needed to be considered such as the walls, ceiling and the floor, which the system will be interacting with.
Sound Pressure Level
This feature determines the loudness of a speaker system at a given distance. The specification sheets show the Peak and Continuous outputs. The former refers to the loudness of speakers in short bursts of loud sounds and the latter is related to the average loudness.
Dispersion of Sound
The dispersion of sound is the way sound waves travel horizontally and vertically from the speakers. This information is extremely useful for the coverage considerations as well as for the placement of the speakers in a venue in the most suitable way.