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  • The BLX14UK/X-K14 Bodypack Wireless System is part of the BLX wireless systems family. Shure BLX® Wireless Systems combine professional-quality sound with simple setup and an intuitive interface for legendary audio performance right out of the box. Precision-built and available in a variety of configurations, it’s the most accessible way to own the stage. Includes BLX1 bodypack transmitter, BLX4 single-channel receiver, guitar cable, power supply, 2 AA batteries, and user guide.
    AED 1,097.25

  • The GLXD16UK wireless instrument system offers the freedom of the entire stage with totally license free operation wherever you are in the world. LINKFREQ 2.4 GHz digital transmission offers incredible audio quality- automatically re-tuning in the event of interference to ensure a seamless and uninterrupted audio signal. This not only reduces the worry of interference, but drastically reduces set up times.<br> <br>With an all-metal construction, two-color transmitter status indicator LED and multiple charging solutions (car, wall or USB) the GLXD16UK is a sophisticated wireless instrument system that makes life easy and ensures your guitar sounds the way it should.<br> <br>Included with the system:<br> <br>-GLXD1 Body Pack Transmitter <br>-GLXD6 Pedal Board Receiver <br>-SB902 Lthium-ion Rechargeable Battery <br>-PS42E Power Supply <br>-SBC-USB-MicroB Cable <br>-WA305 guitar cable
    AED 1,963.50