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    Buy Remo DI 6275 70 Lock Top Drum Riser Melody House

    Remo's Drum Riser is designed to ergonomically position the drum at an optimum playing height and it folds to a compact size for storage and portability.
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    AED 168.84
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    Buy Pearl PC 800SPrimero Djembe Stand Melody House

    The Primero Djembe Stand is designed as a simple method to hold a djembe securely. Two rubber-covered tubes fit snugly around the lower opening of the djembe, and a strap tightly holds the upper end of the drum into the frame. The stand is designed to hold the drum at a natural playing angle, ensuring quality open and slap tones. This stand will hold most djembes, but is specifically designed to hold the Primero line.
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    Buy Pearl PC 200WTwin Conga stand Melody House

    The Pearl PC200W twin conga stand fits virtually all diameter congas and odd-shaped drums such as djembes. The heavy-duty drum stand can withstand demanding professional use. Height adjustable, drummers can adjust the twin conga stand to comfortable playing heights. Folds for easy transport and storage.
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    AED 348.23
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    Buy Pearl PPS 50TC Travel Conga Stand Bridge Melody House

    Pearl PPS-50TC Travel Conga Stand Bridge, the PPS-50TC Bridge connects two stands together to minimize, creeping while performing.
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    Buy LP LP double conga stand Melody House

    LP's height-adjustable Double Conga Stand holds two LP Congas and is made of heavy-gauge chrome-plated steel with a pin-lock design that holds the vertical support securely in place. The mounting brackets prevent congas from twisting and the adjustable drum separators allow the drums to be angled for precise positioning. The stand includes heavy-duty, braking casters for easy set changes.
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    AED 1,108.01
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    Buy Pearl Wood Djembe Stand Holds 8 to14 Rope and Top Tuned Melody House

    Pearl's Wood Djembe Stand holds their 8" to 14" Rope Tuned and Top Tuned Djembes upright at 28" tall, so you can play while standing. It comes apart into two flat pieces for extremely easy transportation and storage.<br><br>Features<br>-Stands 28" Tall<br>-Holds Pearl Rope Tuned & Top Tuned Djembes<br>-Foldable for Easy Transport
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    AED 116.08
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    Buy Pearl PC 1175TCTravel Conga Stand 11 3 4 w Bag Melody House

    Pearl PC-1175TC Travel Conga Stand - for Pearl 11-3/4" travel conga (not included). Designed specifically with two things thomann in mind: rock solid stability and lightning fast set-ups and pack-ups. The stand includes a 'Y' bracket that attaches to the bottom of your travel conga and mounts to the stand centred directly under the drum for maximum stability. Includes carry bag.
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    Buy Pearl PC 2000 Conga stand Melody House

    PC-2000 Conga Kick Stand is a one-size-fits-all stand packed full of user-friendly features. Designed to accommodate the standing percussionist, the PC2000 features extendable legs and a contemporary frame designed to perfectly unite two, three, or four stands together. The legs fold out in seconds and lock into place via one wing bolt per leg, and to ensure the same adjustments each time, measurement markings are etched on the inside of each leg and the rubber conga shell holders. Stickers are included to record your favorite settings. Finished in flat black to keep the visual focus on your congas, the PC2000 sets up in seconds and packs up even quicker, making them perfect for the working percussionist.
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    Buy Pearl PC 3000TW Melody House

    The PC3000TW Quick Stand is a heavy-duty double conga stand with square cross-section legs and "T" support tubes for ultimate stability in all playing conditions. The height adjustable post features a wing nut-less design that allows quick attachment and removal of your congas. A heavy-duty carrying bag is included.
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    AED 622.60
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    Buy Pearl Quick Release Double Conga Stand Melody House

    The Pearl PC-300W Quick Release Double Conga Stand allows conga players to set up and tear down in record time. This stand holds professional-size congas without the use of wingnuts, and is much lighter in weight than a traditional conga stand.
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    The LP Collapsible Cradle is LP’s most versatile conga stand and the choice of many pro players. The stand is made from heavy gauge steel, has spring-loaded rubber shell grippers and fits all conga models. It has tubular legs with braked casters and is adjustable down to a height of 3 inches.
    AED 986.66
    AED 1,160.78
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    Buy Pearl PC 1000QRS Quick release basic Multi stand Melody House

    Pearl's QRS Multi-Stand represents innovation at its best designed with the working Percussionist in mind. The Quick Release System facilitates fast and dependable mounting of a wide variety of Percussion instruments. Congas, Djembes or Bongos. The flip of one ergonomically designed handle quickly and securely locks your instrument into place, ready to play. At the core of the ORS Multi-Stand is a spring loaded swing handle that offers one touch, secure clamping, for practically any combination of instrument with an appropriate standard 2 hole mounting bracket. Specialty brackets are also available for attaching bongos and cowbells to turn the ORS Multi-Stand into the only stand you might ever need. The QRS Multi-Stand offers complete height adjustability via 2 removable, fully adjustable drum supports mounted on its leg braces Each leg of its ultra-sturdy tripod extends individually, allowing you to tilt the stand in any direction to achieve set-up possibilities never before available with traditional stands. ORS is the choice of the working Percussionist.
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    AED 749.23
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    Buy Pearl PD 3000 Melody House

    Pearl adds to its line of road ready percussion stands with the introduction of the new 3000 Series Pro Djembe Stand. A low center of gravity and sturdy tripod base form a foundation that will provide rock solid placement of your djembe.<br><br>The chrome plated PD3000 cradle features six 1” Spring-locking length adjustments that extend the cradle from 16” to 21” to accommodate all full-size djembes. The strap on the PD3000 also features a Lift-Loc buckle system that prevents loosening while you play.<br><br>You’ll never chase your djembe around the stage again when you have Pearl 3000 Series Pro Djembe Stands.
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    AED 569.84
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    Buy Pearl PC 100P Melody House

    10" Basket Conga Stand (Primero)
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    Buy Pearl PC 1100TC Travel Conga Stand Melody House

    The Pearl PC-1250TC Travel Conga Stand gives you rock-solid stability and super-quick set-ups and teardowns. The stand includes a Y bracket that attaches to the bottom of your Travel Conga, mounting it perfectly centered under the drum for maximum stability. Give your Travel Conga the support it deserves, with the Pearl PC-1250TC Travel Conga Stand!
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    Buy Pearl Shekere Holder Melody House

    Pearl PPS-45 Shekere holder
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    Buy Pearl PC 1250TC Travel Conga Stand 12 1 2 w Bag Melody House

    Stand for 12.5" Travel Conga <br>The Pearl PC-1250TC Travel Conga Stand gives you rock-solid stability and super-quick set-ups and teardowns. The stand includes a Y bracket that attaches to the bottom of your Travel Conga, mounting it perfectly centered under the drum for maximum stability. Give your Travel Conga the support it deserves, with the Pearl PC-1250TC Travel Conga Stand!<br>
    AED 502.30
    AED 590.94