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    Buy Pearl C 1030SCGoose Neck Cymbal Stand Single Braced Melody House

    The Pearl C1030SC Gooseneck Suspended Cymbal Stand hangs your concert cymbals with a minimum of dampening, allowing the instrument to speak as fully as it possibly can. The neck reaches out far enough to accommodate the largest suspended cymbals out there. The rubber cymbal hanger eliminates the need for you to carry around extra cymbal straps - just put the hanger through your suspended cymbal and you're done! Two tiers of height adjustment make sure you can play the cymbal at a comfortable height, and ergonomic wingnuts won't hurt your hands when tightening or loosening.
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    Buy Pearl Orchestral Cymbal Cradle Stand Melody House

    The Pearl C1030AC Orchestral Cymbal Cradle saves precious space in the percussion section by holding concert crash cymbals vertically, rather than taking up a lot of room with a large trap table. <br><br> The cradle arms are coated in rubber to prevent any unwanted noise before or after your crashes, and the stand is height adjustable so you don't have to bend over uncomfortably far.
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    Buy Pearl CBS 15 Folding Concert Bass Stand Melody House

    Lightweight and easy to transport, the CBS-15 folding concert bass drum cradle is a general purpose stand that is adjustable to accommodate any size drum. Multi position braces allow for a range of height settings. Rubber pads on the frame cross bars will protect your Pearl bass drum from scratches and will last many, many years
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