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  • Hand-varnished, Extra thin varnish coating<br> Back and sides made of solid MapleSolid Spruce top<br> Inserted purfling <br> Ebony fittings<br> Original Aubert bridge<br> Wittner fine tuning tailpiece<br> Thomastik Alphaue strings<br> Ebony chin rest<br> Rosin<br> Bow with natural hair and ebony frog<br> Violin shape-shaped case with screw-attached cover, rucksack straps and reflectors<br> German set-up<br> Mimimal color variation possible due to hand-varnished treatment
    AED 1,228.50

  • The GEWA GmbH sees itself as partner and promoter of the professional musical instrument business. GEWA stands for a company rich in tradition that strives to sustain the principles firmly anchored in the company's history.<br> We focus on mechanical-acoustical musical instruments.<br> We convince our customers by delivering quality, adhering to delivery schedules and loyalty. Every range of instruments and accessories is under the responsibility of a team of qualified and experienced specialists. Our standard is clearly defined:<br> The best product in every price range!<br> Motivation and continuous improvement are the foundation of the company's success and contribute to our customer's satisfaction. Ongoing quality management ranging from different production sites, transport to the delivery via the GEWA distribution center guarantees a consistent and reliable quality of our products.<br> We put our focus on a long-term and fair cooperation with our customers, a high degree of product availability as well as on authentic marketing tools.<br> To our customers and suppliers we always are a fair partner and to our personnel we offer a stable working environment.<br> We act in accordance with the environment and take responsibility for future generations.
    AED 1,228.50

  • AED 1,039.50

  • Gewa Aspirante Venezia GS401.431 is a 4/4 studio violin , hand-varnished with a thin layer of natural reddish-brown resin. The hoops and the body are made of solid Maple, the cover is of solid Fir, with inlaid edging.
    AED 1,228.50

  • The Walther-Gewa melody is an excellent solution for the school. It has a purse case with carrying straps. It can be played as a wind instrument directly with a pin or lowered to a base or knees by means of a flexible plastic pipe with a pin. On the back side there is a hand lever holding the melody while playing.
    AED 117.60

  • Screw attached cover with zipper<br> Exterior Conatex black<br> Interior velvet plush anthracite<br> Double case
    AED 189.00

  • Alto-Saxophon for children<br> Keys adjusted to children hands<br> Suitable for children due to new neck shape<br> Brass body, brass keys<br> C#-Bb connected table key<br> Lacquered finish<br> Mouthpiece with ligature and cap<br> With cleaning cloth and harness carrying strap<br> Light rectangular case with rucksack assembly<br> Weight approx. 2,5 kg<br>
    AED 2,656.50

  • 12,7 mm bore> <br> 8" Yellow brass bell <br> Nickel silver outer slides <br> Hard chrome-plated nickel silver inner slides <br> Lacquered finish <br> Light weight form shaped case with rucksack assembly <br> Weight approx. 1,5 kg
    AED 1,491.00

  • 14,5 - 16,8 mm bore<br> Yellow brass body<br> Bell Ø 28 cm<br> Gold brass leadpipe<br> Nickel silver outer slides<br> 3 top-action valves<br> Stainless steel pistons<br> Lacquered finish<br> Light weight form shaped case with rucksack assembly<br> Weight approx. 3,5 kg
    AED 3,402.00