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Nord Piano Monitor | Coming Soon

The all-new Nord Piano Monitors, announced and launched at Namm 2019.

Developed to optimise your sound and expressing your pianos true characteristics, through depth and dynamics - naturally becoming an extension to your instrument.

Monitor Brackets

Mounting the monitors to your instruments was made optional, anything from the Nord Piano 4, Nord Grand and Nord Stage 3 Rev (88 and HP76) the Monitor Brackets would do the job, another option would be to attach the brackets to a standard microphone stand. The piano monitors are compatible with all Nord Keyboards, so staying up-to date isn't necessary.


Need to rehearse? Features such as AUX (Audio Input) gives you the option to connect a laptop or smartphone, whilst being able to control the volume of the AUX through it's knob in the back, making it perfect for everyday use from practicing play along or simply listening to music. Another feature that was included was the SUB OUT input on the monitor, letting you connect a subwoofer that would give you the additional low frequency you may desire. 

The Nord Piano Monitors are the perfect option for any keyboardist! 


Woofer Size:11cm 

Tweeter Size: 7cm

Weight: 5.5kg (each)

Total Power: 80W x 2