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Shure Hoop or Stand Mounted Drum Microphone Adapter with 5/8" Mic Clip Adapter

4.33 out of 5

AED 252.00

Microphone drum mount attaches a standard end address microphone to the side of a drum for compact and accurate drum mic placement. Standard end address microphones include the Beta 57, Beta 56, SM57, and PG57 microphones.
Compact in design, the A56D can be used in a multitude of positions for accurate microphone placement. Live, or in the studio, this universal clamp can be mounted virtually anywhere, including drum rims and racks, microphone stands, and cymbal stands. This reduces the stage clutter that is associated with traditional mic stand set-ups, while promoting greater placement accuracy. Designed with captive parts to prevent the loss of individual pieces, the A56D is small, secure, and sturdy, and can be used with standard end address microphones such as the Shure Beta57, Beta56, SM57, and PG57, making it a great tool for both musicians and sound engineers. Available individually or as part of the DMK57-52 Drum Kit.

Hoop Or Stand Mounted Drum Microphone Adapter With 5/8" Mic Clip Adapter from Shure is 100% original and brand new. We, at Melody House take pride in our after sales service and support. For further details on the Hoop Or Stand Mounted Drum Microphone Adapter With 5/8" Mic Clip Adapter, Shure, simply write to us to consult an expert or order online and we will take care of the rest. Happy Shopping!
Item #: A56D Brand: Shure Categories: Microphone Accessories , Microphone Clips
Hoop-mounted drum mic adapter from Shure
For snares, toms, and floor toms
Converts to a cymbal stand-mounted adapter in 30 seconds
Improves sight lines onstage
Reduces stand/cable clutter in the studio
Fixed, non-slip 90° hex L-rod swivels toward or away from heads
Supports many common microphone types and placement options
Finger-tightened, stepped hoop clamp remains secure
Accepts standard 5/8", 27-thread US mic clips — sold separately
Supports drum hoops 1/2" – 2-1/4" tall