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Ampeg - SVT-210AV 2X10" Speaker Cabinet, 200W RMS, SVT-VR/AV Color Scheme

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AED 1,564.50

2-10" Speaker Cabinet, 200W RMS, SVT-VR/AV Color Scheme
The Ampeg SVT-210AV is a 200W bass speaker cabinet suitable for use with the Ampeg Micro-VR, or any other amplifier of a similar power rating and output impedance.
Featuring two custom Eminence speakers, this cabinet is capable of producing sound from 58 Hz to 5 kHz, with a usable low frequency of 40 Hz (-10 dB). Two parallel 1/4" jacks provide connectivity. Finally, the enclosure sports a faithful 1970s-era SVT look.

-2x 10" Eminence speakers
-1/4" full-range inputs and outputs can be used for daisy-chaining
-Frequency response of 58 Hz to 5 kHz
-Usable low frequency of 40 Hz (-10 dB)
-Useful top-handle
-Foot cups on the top panel allow secure stacking of a Micro-VR amplifier

Svt 210av from Ampeg is 100% original and brand new. We, at Melody House take pride in our after sales service and support. For further details on the svt 210av, Ampeg, simply write to us to consult an expert or order online and we will take care of the rest. Happy Shopping!
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