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    Buy RAT Stands Performer3 Stand packed singly Melody House

    Whether you are a school or a world-renowned performance venue, on-stage or in the studio, The Performer 3 is the latest in music stand brilliance from RATstands.<br> YES it needs to be an unbreakable stand, YES it needs to stack well and YES you need to be able to attach an extra lip to the tray to create a pencil tray, but, what the performer 3 does that makes it the new leader in the market is: you can now adjust the stem friction to suit your preference. If you are feeling the tension… loosen it!<br><br> Like the performer 2 which has no knobs to fiddle with or get lost. The Performer delivers this and more, with rubber feet to protect the floor, a base designed to enable stands to nest next to each other for compact storage. An extremely tough and scratch resistant epoxy coating makes this stand enormously durable. The tray is also able to quick release from the reverse and also has a very neat cable tidy at the rear of the tray.
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    AED 205.78
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    Buy RAT Stands Jazz Stand Portable Music Stand Melody House

    A professional music stand with a full range of height adjustment, industry standard stability and a full size music tray with pencil shelf. And yet, as a result of its unique design, it unfolds from a flat pack no larger than the size of the tray in just three moves. It does this with no knobs, no finger traps and no hassle; just three easy moves. A supporting range of flight cases, trolleys, carry bags and lights ensure that this is the ultimate travelling stand, both for individual musicians and touring groups.
    AED 415.35
    AED 506.52
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    Buy K&M 12241 000 55 Melody House

    Versatile light with one extra bright and long-lasting LED rated for 100,000 hours. The flexible gooseneck provides an extremely variable adjustable light beam. The extra wide clip (up to 25 mm) attaches to music desks, table tops etc. It can also be used
    AED 34.44
    AED 42.00
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    Buy K&M 12244 000 55 Melody House

    Compact and versatile dual-headed light with 2 flexible goosenecks and with 2 durable LEDs on each head. The energy-efficient LEDs are rated for 100,000 hours. The practical and extra-wide clip (up to 25 mm) attaches to music desks, table tops etc. It can
    AED 51.66
    AED 63.00
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    Buy K&M 37855 Melody House

    Ultra-light aluminum music stand. Double extendable with height adjustment from 450 to 1150 mm. The sheet music rest with holders measures 450 x 215 mm. Solid base construction with double struts for a secure stand. A practical carrier bag is included. Th
    AED 112.49
    AED 137.18
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    Buy RAT Stands Additional lip for performer3 stand Melody House

    The additional lip easily attaches to your RAT Performer 3 stand with 3 screws and a Phillips screwdriver (screw driver not included).<br><br> It is made from the same hard wearing polymer as the tray on your current stand, allowing your upgrade to seamlessly match your Performer 3 stand.
    AED 34.44
    AED 42.00
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    Buy K&M 12381 000 81 Neat Flex Light Melody House

    Light for grandstand '' Ovation '' model '' Neat Flex ''<br> The »Ovation« lectern with its proven features and easy handling is the perfect presentation tool for creative use in hotels, museums, galleries, halls, and many other public and private meeting places. Besides holding the speaker's script, this smart, silvery lectern has space for additional presentation hardware (such as a notebook). And even in the sloping position, there is enough level space for a glass of water, etc.
    AED 372.08
    AED 453.76
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    Buy K&M 37885 Black Orchestra Music Stand Melody House

    Orchestra music stand, black, with perforated music desk 500 x 340 mm, extendable in two steps, comes in a carrying bag
    AED 129.80
    AED 158.29
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    Buy RAT Stands Star Light Melody House

    The RAT Star Light is a great value addition to our range of music stand lights. Built to fit on virtually any stand and benefits from re-chargeable batteries that offer 5 hours of light between charges. The batteries will also charge whilst the light is in use if connected to the mains.<br><br> It is lightweight and well put together which makes it perfect for the travelling or gigging musician.<br><br> The 10 LED's provide a good, even spread of light. It has two output levels enabling you to control the brightness of the light with the switch on the side of the housing.
    AED 160.08
    AED 195.22
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    Buy RAT Stands Scherzo Stand Melody House

    The Scherzo Stand is a high quality, super-lightweight folding music stand. Being made of aluminium it weighs little more than half as much as other folding music stands of this type. This entry level stand still boasts the quality of design and manufacturing that RATstands demands.<br><br> High quality joints make it a pleasure to fold and unfold and it has a precise and positive locking button for adjusting the angle of the tray.<br><br> This stand comes complete with a nylon carrying bag.
    AED 160.08
    AED 195.22
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    Buy K&M 10010 000 55 Folding 3 piece telescopic design Melody House

    K&M’s colorful collection of music stands helps to make music fun for kids of all ages. Folding, 3-piece telescopic design.
    AED 103.84
    AED 126.63
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    Buy K&M Power Supply of K M Lights 12244 000 55 Melody House

    AC adapter for Germany and most European countries. Input 230 V AC. Output 5 V DC. With jack connector 3.5 mm on one end and USB port on the other. Length of cable 3 m.
    AED 43.05
    AED 52.50
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    Buy K&M 12286 000 55 battery light with PSU Melody House

    The K&M battery light 12285-000-55 with power unit 12280-000-00, packed in an attractive carrying case.
    AED 224.98
    AED 274.36
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    Buy K&M 11870 015 55 Aluminum music stand Melody House

    Powder coated aluminum music stand with a steel plate. Connecting parts made out of durable plastic. The music desk can be removed and attached easily with its user friendly and practical quick release mechanism. A large wing-nut makes it easy to adjust t
    AED 216.32
    AED 263.81
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    Buy K&M 11888 050 55 Melody House

    Compact, all-aluminum orchestra stand that’s perfect for the traveling professional. A prismatic »V-block« connector attaches the removable desk to the stand.
    AED 354.77
    AED 432.65
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    Buy K&M 12140 000 55 Melody House

    Foldable 3 legged table-top tripod for laptops and multimedia equipment, also suitable for manuscripts, lecture notes, sheet music, etc. The continuous-tilt mounting plate is simply attached with a prismatic connector to the stand.
    AED 199.02
    AED 242.71
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    Buy K&M 12249 000 55 Music stand light Orchestra Light Eo Melody House

    Professional orchestra light with batteries and power supply. Nine extra bright and energy-efficient LEDs provide consistent and vibrant lighting. The flexible gooseneck is fully adjustable. The light has a switch with two brightness levels. The light con
    AED 138.45
    AED 168.84
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    Buy K&M 12285 000 55 Unique music stand ligh Melody House

    Unique music stand light which operates with 3, 6 or 9 batteries or rechargeable batteries (AA). 9 batteries provide up to 24 hours of light. Designed for indoor and outdoor use. High-efficiency electronic lighting system. The light can also be used with
    AED 173.06
    AED 211.05
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    Buy K&M 1.22951e 009 Melody House

    Equipped with 12 energy saving and durable LEDs, guarantees optimal music desk lighting. The re-designed light can now be operated with batteries or with a power supply. The brightness is adjusted using a variable dimmer switch. The flexible gooseneck ensures that the light is ideally positioned. A handy clip provides for easy attachment to all music desks with a thickness of 25 mm. Includes a power supply with a 3 m cord and 3 AA batteries.
    AED 190.37
    AED 232.16
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    Buy RAT Stands Trolley for Concert Performer Stand Melody House

    This RAT stand trolley is suitable for holding up to 18 of the popular concert or performance music stands. This trolley has 2 fixed and 2 swivel wheels for maximum manoeuvrability. The castors are lockable for stability.<br><br> The trolley is coated in a tough scratch resistant epoxy. It is sturdy, robust and easy to use. At 173 x 45cm and a total weight of 13kg, this trolley is lightweight and easy to transport, as well as great for storing lots of RAT stands.
    AED 2,102.69
    AED 2,564.26
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    Buy RAT Stands Trolley for the Jazz Stand Melody House

    AED 1,730.61
    AED 2,110.50
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    Buy K&M 85655 000 00 AC Power supply Melody House

    AC adapter for Germany and most European countries. Input 230V AC. Output 4V DC. With jack connector 3.5 mm. Length of cable 3 m.
    AED 52.52
    AED 64.05