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  • The Pearl SLG100 was developed and designed to give the drummer 3 different ways of wearing the instrument. The fully adjustable strap with removable back support provides comfort and gives this sling many features not found in today's models. Made of a high strength strapping for added support and one large steal ring for easy adjustability, this sling was designed to fit all sizes. Attachments to the drum can be made with 2 hooks that can clip onto any MH30 or CH5S. Designed and developed with today's Traditional and Pipe Drummer's of the 21st century.
    AED 74.55

  • The Pearl MXSA-1/B Snare Attachment is compatible with all versions of Pearl Competitor Marching Snare Drums and the Pearl MXS-1 MX T-Frame Snare Carrier. The MXSA-1/B can attach to the tension posts of a high tension snare drum, as well as a clip-style bracket of standard competitor drums.
    AED 189.00

  • Lightweight and easy to transport, the CBS-15 folding concert bass drum cradle is a general purpose stand that is adjustable to accommodate any size drum. Multi position braces allow for a range of height settings. Rubber pads on the frame cross bars will protect your Pearl bass drum from scratches and will last many, many years
    AED 567.00

  • Pearl Competitor Series marching snare drums are are perfect for the beginning player all the way up to the most accomplished of musicians. Marching Band / Marching Percussion / Marching Snare Drums Pearl, Marching Snare Drums
    AED 1,816.50

  • The newly redesigned Competitor Series offers big value at affordable prices. The CMSX snare drum offers many of the features of the FFX Series snares such as a free-floating shell with an aluminum edge ring that relieves all batter head tension from the 8 ply shell. Case hardened tension rods evenly disperse head tension for precise and consistent tuning. The bottom hoop features a built in snare guard for protection. The synthetic gut snares offer dynamic sensitivity and are controlled via the lever-activated strainer
    AED 1,816.50

  • Elegantly Simple. Incredible Solid. These are the words that best describe the new MX T-FRAME Carriers from Pearl, which combine a lightweight, simplistic design with rugged durability. Field tested by the Santa Clara Vanguard and Blue Knights Drum and Bugle Corps, this revolutionary breakthrough in Carrier design is highly adjustable with minimal moving parts, making this the perfect Carrier for players of all sizes and skill levels. The MX T-FRAME Carriers are super light frames that provide a sleek look and superior comfort with a wide range of adjustability to fit every size of player. Straight forward adjustment s with minimal hardware makes these carriers the clear choice for any band.
    AED 714.00

  • Competitor Series Bass Drums offer tremendous value and performance. 6-ply Poplar/Kapur shells featuring 6 strategically placed air vents make these drums highly efficient. 6 ply Maple hoops provides a rigid mount for the triple-reinforced claws that anchor securely to our zing lug castings.
    AED 1,921.50

  • The new Pearl Marching Bass Drum Stand keeps even the largest tonal bass drums stable and secure. Its 4-arm adjustable basket and extreme range of height adjustment make it a perfect fit with perfect feel for any sized player on any sized drum. Easy to use, rock solid, any place, any time.
    AED 661.50

  • The new Pearl Marching Snare Stand was designed to deliver Rock Solid Stability and Long Lifetime Performance. In stadium bleachers, in the field, and everywhere else you’ll take your equipment- we believe it should be easy to work with, solid to play on, and durable year after year. This stand is compatible with our CX Airframe and MX T-Frame Carrier Systems and similarly never requires more tools than your hands and a drum key to make all adjustments or customizations.
    AED 756.00

  • Our Championship Series Carbonply Bass Drums offer up bass technology like you have never experienced. 6 plies of Maple formed then covered in an inner and outer layer of Carbon Fiber. Space age technology merges with 60 years of drum-making craftsmanship to form the ultimate high-volume low-frequency generator.
    AED 5,502.00

  • AED 4,032.00