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Without the need of changing the sound characteristics of a cymbal, the Cympad's were created resulting in a less aggressive, noisy and washy sound being projected whilst playing.

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    Born in Switzerland and loved all over the world, the Cympad Chromatics Series cymbal washers offer a modern alternative to old-fashioned felts. They're made of high-density cellular foam, so they're consistent in size and shape — plus they're super-durable. A lot of drummers love the Cympad Chromatics color options; you can customize the look of your entire cymbal set and achieve better sound and performance at the same time.
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    CYMPAD Optimizer cymbal washers are made from a premium-quality cellular foam material and are a major improvement over conventional felt washers. Consistent in size and density, Optimizers provide superior cymbal suspension plus isolation from stands and mounting hardware — offering modern drummers a better sound and a natural, more comfortable feel in every drumming situation. 40mm in diameter with 8, 12 and 15mm heights for individual cymbals and stacks, Optimizer models also include a 3-piece set for hi-hats and an 18mm version for ride and larger crashes.
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    Drummers Who Like Cymbals Love Cympad<br>Cympad is an incredible, affordable and easy to use system for optimizing the sound and performance of virtually all cymbal sizes, types and brands. Cympad is specially designed and made from premium-grade cellular foam to simply and effectively protect your cymbals and control your sound.<br><br>Foam is better than felt <br>Cympad’s advanced, premium-grade, cellular foam cymbal washers are consistent in size, thickness and density – providing more natural cymbal suspension and better isolation from hardware.<br><br> Peak Performance From The Bottom Up<br>Soft and flexible but strong, Cympad pads improve the sound and performance of all cymbal sizes, types and brands in a variety of rehearsal, recording and performance applications. <br><br>The Professional’s Choice<br>Loved by today’s leading professionals such as Steve Smith, Gil Sharone, Rich Redmond, Thomas Lang, Antonio Sanchez, Gordon Campbell, Nate Morton, and many more), Cympad is a great fit for any drumming style and situation.
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