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PRS Comparison | SE Paul's Guitar vs. SE Custom 24

You are probably wondering; how does the SE Paul's guitar differ from SE's flagship model, the SE Custom 24?

Let's have a look at the charts:

We all can see right off the bat that the two are really different guitars; none is better than the other. All of these are up to one's own preferences.

Most classic rock, blues, and jazz players might prefer the SE Paul's Guitar's smoother and fatter tone; thanks to its mahogany neck, which accentuates the low midrange-frequencies. The vintage-voiced pickups, really fit the bill if you want warmth and smoothness.

Don't just take our word though; plug the Paul's Guitar into a nasty distortion pedal or amp and listen to it deliver some chugga-chugga riffs and screaming lead lines. As always, the "mahogany body/maple top with mahogany neck" formula deliver the punch and "bark" you need for rock and metal.

SE Paul's Guitar close up.

The wide fat neck profile also facilitates better leverage when doing big bends and vibrato, and despite its beefiness, it is still very comfortable with chording, especially if you like the "Hendrix / Clapton thumb-over-neck" style of fretting chords. It also gives you a solid feel when doing heavy riffing and chord-crashing all night long.

For players who grew up with "S-type" guitars (we all know what it is, right?) they would feel at home with the SE Custom 24's snappy low-end attack and crisp highs. The wide thin neck also feels buttery (with just the right girth) and makes you wanna shred even over Mariah Carey ballads (don't, or your band will fire you).

The 85/15 pickups deliver enough output to let you cut through the mix, but still have wide dynamic response; they clean up well too when you roll down the volume knob.

SE Custom 24 close up.

If you want to warm up the SE Custom 24's gnarly attack a bit, don't forget that you have a tone knob over there. Switch to the neck pickup, roll down the tone knob to 20% and voila, you can jam with that jazz trio at your favorite pub (buy them a round afterwards, if you would be so kind).

The SE Paul's Guitar and the SE Custom 24 may be two different beasts; but the good news is, we could confidently take either one of the two and play a four-set cover band gig tonight; they are that good and versatile.