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Mesaboogie - 0.412R.STR.BB.F 4x12 Road King Rectifier Slant Cabinet

4.33 out of 5

AED 7,182.00

300-watt, 4/8-ohm, 4 x 12" Convertable-back Cabinet with 2x Celestion Vintage 30 and 2x Celestion Custom 90 Speakers
The Mesa/Boogie 4 x 12" Road King Slant Cabinet helps you make the most out of your guitar rig's sound while providing unprecedented tonal flexibility. Using Mesa's Dual Cabinet design, the 4 x 12" Road King Slant Cabinet lets you choose between an open-back (left) and closed-back (right) side, or you can combine both sides for a stellar-sounding blend. It's wired for mono or stereo operation, giving you maximum flexibility. It's also made to work perfectly with the Road King amp's cabinet switcher. Able to handle up to 300 watts, the road-ready 4 x 12" Road King Slant Cabinet is built to take whatever you dish out.

Road King 300watt Rectifier Slant Cabinet from Mesaboogie is 100% original and brand new. We, at Melody House take pride in our after sales service and support. For further details on the road king 300watt rectifier slant cabinet, Mesaboogie, simply write to us to consult an expert or order online and we will take care of the rest. Happy Shopping!
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