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mesaboogie - 2x12 Roadster Closed Back Combo

4.33 out of 5

AED 13,051.50

The Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier 2 x 12" Roadster combo amplifier puts four independent channels of stunning tube tone at your command! If you love the flexibility of a multi-channel amp but prefer to dial in your tones quickly and intuitively, then this amp's for you. The Roadster gives you crystalline clean tones, authentic grit, authoritative crunch, and even liquid-sustain-type lead tones - and you can use its four channels (plus multiple modes for each channel) to obtain your favorite sounds and switch among them with ease. A great-sounding long-spring reverb, a switchable Dual Rectifier function on each channel, variable voltage, and 50- or 100-watt operation are also featured on the Roadster.

2x12 Roadster Closed Back Combo from Mesaboogie is 100% original and brand new. We, at Melody House take pride in our after sales service and support. For further details on the 2x12 roadster closed back combo, Mesaboogie, simply write to us to consult an expert or order online and we will take care of the rest. Happy Shopping!
Item #: 1.RS2X.BB.F Categories: guitar amps , guitar amp combo