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mesaboogie - 2x12 Lone Star Combo

4.33 out of 5

AED 11,886.00

The Lone Star is perfectly at home dishing out Texas-sized clean and grainy tones from its duo of 12" speakers, and it also shines in the high-gain range. Thanks to its two tweakable channels, selectable Class A/B or Class A operation, switchable (tube or solid-state) rectifier, great-sounding long-spring reverb, and a host of other stage- and studio-friendly features, the Lone Star packs a lot of amp into a little bit of territory.
Mesa/Boogie Lone Star 2 x 12" Combo Amp at a Glance:
Tonal options galore
Conjure the spirit of the Blackface
Split personality
Tube Rectifier Tracking
Tonal options galore
The Lone Star's Multi-Watt power amp featuring Duo-Class allows you three power options that are channel assignable via 10/50/100-watt power switches: Choose two power tubes operating in pure Class A (single-ended), producing 10 watts, or two or four power tubes running in time-honored Class A/B, producing 50 or 100 watts respectively.
Conjure the spirit of the Blackface
The Blackface is one of the most popular tones of all time, and the Lone Star easily provides this classic sound, with a punchy, shimmering twang that gives way to furry smoothness. It's based on a traditional vintage/boutique gain structure to produce angelic and warm clean sounds in its low to medium gain ranges. Like most great tube amps, this channel can be driven to clip and produces incredible solo possibilities for blues or roots chording styles.

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