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Dean Markley - 2679 Medium Light, 5-String, 45-128

4.33 out of 5

AED 147.00

The .045 to .128 medium light gauge 2679 Blue Steel Bass Guitar Strings from Dean Markley are made of stainless steel, making them stronger than normal nickel-steel strings. Each guitar string is wrapped at the end with nylon thread to keep its outer winding from unraveling. During production, Blue Steel strings are cryogenically frozen down to -320°F with a blast of liquid nitrogen in order to tighten the molecules, minimizing microscopic gaps. This process is designed to create a guitar string more consistent, more durable, and that stays in tune longer than conventional strings. The treatment also results in greater sustain and louder, more versatile tone.

2679medium Light 5 String 45 128 from Deanmarkley is 100% original and brand new. We, at Melody House take pride in our after sales service and support. For further details on the 2679medium light 5 string 45 128, Deanmarkley, simply write to us to consult an expert or order online and we will take care of the rest. Happy Shopping!
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