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Short microphone holders for percussion and drum instruments.

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    Buy Mic Holder Mic Holder for Conga Melody House
    A conga player would love this stand because it is compact than the traditional stand, not bulky and most of all, it is not blocking your sight lines.Iinfact your audience might not even notice it. This Mic Holder is highly recommended to all stage percussionists.
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    Buy Mic Holder Mic Holder for Hi Hatt Melody House
    Using a bulky stand to mic your hi-hats blocks off the easiest point of entry to your kit. This microphone holder is made of chrome-plated steel to match the rest of your hardware. The two-part system includes an unwavering L-rod and a locking mounting bracket for the hat stand. This makes the Mic Holders Microphone Mount as permanent as you want it to be. Leave it on in the studio for ready-to-go recorded tones, or remove the L-rod and throw it in your hardware bag after the show's over. And here's good news for modern players: the Mic Holders hi-hat microphone mount is made to clear cymbals up to 16" in diameter.
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